Siamand Moeini needs to accept responsibility for the crimes and wrongdoings of PJAK / Part One

As observed by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, on Monday night, November 24, 2021, Mr. Siamand Moeini, the head of the PJAK armed and militant group (a branch of the PKK terrorist group), who has been working against the Islamic Republic from the heart of Europe (Stockholm, Sweden), while himself avoiding the dangers of being in the cold mountains of Qandil, tried to justify the killing of Kurdish youth in their battle against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the provision of Iranian recruits to PKK in Turkey.

Moeini attended a virtual meeting at the clubhouse application, which was noted as a sort of ‘ press conference ‘. The meeting was attended by several journalists close to the group, and a few supporters of PJAK and other armed groups, to showcase his popularity and influence, and that of the armed group under his command.

At the meeting, Siamand Moeini made bizarre claims that anyone fair and knowledgeable about Kurdish issues and human rights (even activists who openly oppose the Islamic Republic and Turkey’s actions in northern Iraq and Syria) would testify to their falsity. Which was to be noticed by remarks and questions posed by Shahed Alawi, a journalist close to the group, concerning the recruitment of minors by the group, and the group’s refusal to inform their families about their fates.

IKHRW’s watchdog and its executive council deem it necessary to respond to these remarks, so that Mr. Moeini can rectify the actions of his group.

He himself resides in Europe, yet the forces under his command reside in the border and impassable areas in the west and northwest of the country. His forces are engaged in child abduction, youth deception, extortion, assassination and other acts contrary to the principles of human rights and international law.

Due to the long list of PJAK wrongful acts, in this section of “Criticism of Mr. Moeini”, the observer will refer only to the issue of child soldiers and kidnapping and deception of children, and in the coming days to criticize his remarks about PJAK extortion and the group’s relationship with Countries in the region.

First of all: Moeini claims that PJAK is not affiliated to the PKK, but a seperate organization PJAK means PKK and PKK means PJAK; According to all research institutes, human rights and think tanks, European countries and the United States. The PKK has several branches like an octopus, of which the Iranian branch is called PJAK.

PJAK members are Kurds from Iran and Turkey. The first commander of this group was Osman Ocalan, who is the brother of Abdullah Ocalan. Thus, PJAK is financially, intellectually, and ideologically dependent on the PKK. These two groups are, in fact, one group and operate in the same geographical area. If PJAK is separate from the PKK; Where did it get its money, facilities and weapons? Saudi Arabia, Israel or through theft and extortion?


Asrin Mohammadi (13): Child Soldier


Use of children in armed activities

In fact, whatever happens to  children (and adults) of Iran in the pointless war between Turkey and the PKK, the most important culprits are PJAK / PKK. As it is PJAK who recruits Kurds (both underage and adult) inside Iran, their transfer to North-Iraq and to PKK’s armed wing HPG that fights the Turkish army, lies within its responsibilities.

Therefore, Mr. Siamand Moeini, his friends and colleagues, and the group under his command are responsible for the presence of children in the PKK / PJAK military structure. With these explanations, some questions are raised about certain strange and false statements (absence of children and people under 18 in PJAK) that it is appropriate for them to answer in the next meeting.

“PJAK does not use children under the age of 18 in military activities, and I am not aware of the presence of children under the age of 18,” he said.

First of all, what is the model of command that someone in Europe writes for the Iranian Kurds and their rights? If Mr. Moeini is really concerned about the rights of the Iranian Kurds, why don’t he, and his wife and family, in the mountains arm themselves to fight the Iranian regime? Is being killed and living in a cave and cold and the danger of death and burial in an avalanche only good for the children of others?

If the war with the Iranian regime is the ideal of a Moeini, why is he sitting in Europe? When Moeini speaks in Europe, it is clear that he is unaware of PJAK crimes and the existence of hundreds or even thousands of children under the age of 18 in PJAK.

Secondly, does not PJAK claim that it was created to defend the rights of the Kurds in Iran? So why kidnap Iranian Kurdish children and teenagers and send them to fight in Turkey, Iraq and Syria? How many of these children have lost their lives in this war and bloodshed?

Mr. Moeini, why are they silent about the burial place of these children?

Why does PJAK not clarify the exact cause of death, the fate of the corpse and these children?

Mr. Moeini, it is better to visit several human rights sites to find out the depth of PJAK’s crimes against Iranian Kurdish children. These sites may be banned in the Qandil Mountains; but are available in Europe!


Take a look:

The case of the abduction and murder of Asrin Mohammadi, a 13-year-old girl from Sardasht, was first reported in the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch. Isn’t a 13-year-old girl under 18?

Asrin Mohammadi (13): Child Soldier


The list is long:

Parviz Ghobadi
Majid Delai Milan
Salman Moradi
The four underage boys from Ney, Merivan
Nazifeh Balkhanloo
Jamshide Ziba
Kaveh Saqzi: PJAK’s recruitment structure
Hossein Changeh

And that’s just a small selection of reports emerging the last 3/4 months…

And even if Moeini only wants to believe their own media channels:

Doesn’t Mr. Moeini review websites like ANF? That post the pictures every time they die?

Doesn’t he review the official papers of his newest recruits? To see what their ages are?

Doesn’t he review petitions of families visiting Qandil, looking for their kids? That are rudely sent home without even a the smallest word of confirmation?

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