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Majid Dalaei Milan; An Iranian from Maku who was sent to die in Diyarbekir, 1000 km’s from home

IKHRW has reported on many cases wherein the PKK and PJAK (Iranian branch of PKK) seek to provide the manpower it needs by manipulating underage locals in border regions and deprived villages. It attracts these youngsters coming of age in a region without the possibilities it requires, by promising these people better jobs, education and […]

Brother of Bahman Orami: Why should my brother be killed in a war with Turkey?

Bahman Orami is one of the killed members of PJAK, whose story of deception and death was recently raised by the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan. In an interview with our local observers, his brother made important points about his brother’s fate and the exact cause of his death. He, who himself works as […]

Bahman Orami; Child ‌Soldier victim of PJAK terrorism

An important question that Kurdish experts always face is why in the important conflicts of the last few years between the PKK and its affiliates in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey, why are there always children involved? Countless reports have emerged over the years of child soldiers in North-East Syria, in the fight against Turkey, […]

A stepmother’s abuse leads to an Iranian teenager’s escape to PKK headquarters

Hamzeh is the eldest son of Mr. Majid Aftab, and has been away from home for several years. It is still unknown what he is exactly doing in which part of the world. But according to Mr. Aftab and his own personal research, it seems that Hamza has joined the armed militant group PJAK. The […]

KDPI child soldier returns home!

Abdolkarim Ghasemi was deceived by KDPI militants through social media. He has recently returned home.

The brother of a slain PJAK member: There is no news about my sister’s body

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch announced in late June that Latifa Hamidi, a PKK member born and raised in Urmia, was a victim of the PKK's endless war, according to the PKK militant website Firat news agency. She became a victim of the war between the PKK and Turkey, and was killed in a remote area in northern Iraq.

Do tensions between the PKK and KDP in Iraqi Kurdistan affect the Syrian Kurds?

In Iraqi Kurdistan, we see a flare-up in the dispute between the PKK and KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), as a result of Turkish operations against the PKK, on Iraqi soil. The public is afraid a war might start between the two factions. Does this have effects on the political climate concerning North-East Syria as well?

A new wave of emigration for Syria’s Kurds

I spoke to Abdulaziz Tammo, the head of the Association of Independent Syrian Kurds (KKS-Syria), that currently lives in Istanbul. He is the brother of Mashaal Tammo, a Kurdish politician who was assassinated in Qamishli in 2011 (appearantly by PYD militants). Together we attempt to shed light on three different matters that keep the minds of Syria’s Kurds busy. This is part 1 of our interview.

Afshin Azizi; Victim of PKK terrorism in Syria

  The PKK terrorist group and its Iranian branch, PJAK, which, contrary to its claim to defend the Kurdish people, are known only for killing Kurds, kidnapping and deception of Kurdish children and the underdevelopment of Kurdish areas in Iran play an important role in the deaths of Iranian youth. Terrorist movements, bombings and extortion […]

Global terrorism on rise

The Institute for Economics and Peace says terrorism has killed 10 times more people worldwide in 2014 than it had in 2000. That’s the human cost. But terror also causes a downward pressure on economy. Economic growth & terrorism Terror attacks lead to both short-term as well as medium to long term effects. Tourists usually […]
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