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Free Iman Vakili

There are many families among Iranian Kurds who are unfortunately victims of the inhumane policy of using children in armed conflicts. Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has published many reports and conversations about the families of the victims and the problems they are dealing with and requested the Iranian government to pay due attention to […]

Iraj left home due to poverty

Iraj Jafari was born in Maku city in 1997 and later went to Chalderan with his family. At the age of 18, i.e. in 2014, after enduring very severe mental conditions and escaping from these conditions, Iraj set foot on the path of no return and finally became a victim of his hasty decision. Hearing […]

How did they send Behzad to the mountains?

Behzad had conflicts and problems with his mother and they did not get along somehow. According to his father, some of Behzad’s friends tricked him and took him to PJAK. Behzad Mahmoudi was only 15 years old at that time and it can be said that he was a child. Of course, we should also […]

Iman and his uncle are both guests of Pak party

The fate of Iman and his uncle are somehow tied to each other. Khalid Vakili, the father of Iman Vakili, requested the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch to reach the authorities of the country, the Kurdistan region, and anyone who can help this family to return their child. The text of the interview of Iman […]

Setareh Zadhesh’s escape from PJAK

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, after following the fate of Setareh Zadhesh for several years, found out that she managed to escape from PJAK. Setareh Zadhesh’s escape from PJAK in an interview with IKHRW reporter and the story that lasted seven years among PJAK militias: The star told her story like this: I was almost […]

Hossein Rahmati was found after 15 years

Hossein Rahmati was injured by the attacks of Turkish army jets in Mount Asos and died due to the severity of his injuries. Hossein Rahmati, with the organizational code of Sirvan Sine, is a former member of the PJAK militia, who was injured by the attacks of the Turkish army fighters in Mount Asos on […]

Mehdi was handed over to the PAK militias for money

Mehdi told his father: I really didn’t want to come to such a place, I just wanted to leave Iran and become a refugee in a European country. Mehdi Khasi was born in 2001 in Ilam city, and because of family problems, he decided to leave the country and become a refugee in a European […]

Mountain climber Amin Golestani’s family remains in uncertainty

Amin was tricked into joining PJAK with prior planning. He had just finished mandatory military conscription, and was about to start his adult life. The families of the deceived or kidnapped members of PJAK (Iranian Kurds) want their voices to be heard, their pains to be seen, and that someone will come to their aid […]

From an Iranian prison to Syria: Ruhullah Arjomand

Ruhullah was a terrible child for his family. The family had even denounced him several times. According to his brother, even as a teenager he always did bad things and went to prison several times. His brother refers to him as a person that lacks a conscience. He is able of doing the worst things […]

Mubasher Karimpour’s father: They threw my son’s stuff in a garbage bag in the yard

As Mubasher Karimpour’s father stated in an interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, he said: PJAK threw my son’s belongings in a black garbage bag into our yard! We have told the public many times about Iranian Kurdish families who have become victims of inhumane policies that violate human rights, such as forced disappearances […]
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