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Mountain climber Amin Golestani’s family remains in uncertainty

Amin was tricked into joining PJAK with prior planning. He had just finished mandatory military conscription, and was about to start his adult life. The families of the deceived or kidnapped members of PJAK (Iranian Kurds) want their voices to be heard, their pains to be seen, and that someone will come to their aid […]

From an Iranian prison to Syria: Ruhullah Arjomand

Ruhullah was a terrible child for his family. The family had even denounced him several times. According to his brother, even as a teenager he always did bad things and went to prison several times. His brother refers to him as a person that lacks a conscience. He is able of doing the worst things […]

Mubasher Karimpour’s father: They threw my son’s stuff in a garbage bag in the yard

As Mubasher Karimpour’s father stated in an interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, he said: PJAK threw my son’s belongings in a black garbage bag into our yard! We have told the public many times about Iranian Kurdish families who have become victims of inhumane policies that violate human rights, such as forced disappearances […]

The family of Mohammad Amin Amiri and the inhumane approach of the PKK-affiliated media

Many PKK news outlets delay the death announcements of the killings of their members for several years. However, we have seen that they never publish accurate information about the place and time of the killing, and thus cannot be trusted. They have been seen many times announcing the wrong names and switching up photographs of […]

Asrin Mohammadi’s brother: PJAK destroyed the foundation of our lives

IKHRW continues its interviews with the victims of PJAK and PKK crimes, this time with Asrin Mohammadi’s brother. The 13-year old girl from Sardasht disappeared in August 2017 near her parents’ home in the outskirts of a small village in Sardasht. Asrin was in middle school at the time she disappeared. On April 19 2020, […]

Sirvan Khairabadi: Where can I take my lawsuit? Where were the border guards?

It didn’t take more than three months from membership to the death of Sirvan Khairabadi! In its experience and expertise with the problems families of militia recruits, IKHRW can conclude that socioeconomic issues are the most mentioned reason for recruitment of young people from Iranian Kurdistan. Socioeconomic problems and its many examples have always created […]

Maitham Mohammadzadeh’s father: I just found out what happened to my son

The reports that are continuously sent to the human rights watchdog of Iranian Kurdistan show very unfortunate dimensions of the situation of Iranian Kurdish citizens in the border areas. Militant groups that have been the opposition for many years, both during the Pahlavi period and during the Islamic Republic, and have always been instrumental in […]

SHOCKING: Our family lost two young children to PJAK; Himan and Setareh

The lies and deceit of PKK/PJAK media, along with the extensive inhumane and human rights violation actions of these groups against their own members and their families, shows that it is necessary for international human rights institutions to intervene in the issue. And don’t let the many problems and pains of Iranian Kurdish families increase […]

PJAK’s turned Ramin’s tragic death in a heroes’ tale

According to the Human Rights Watch of Iran’s Kurdistan and quoted by Firat News Agency – the official media organ of the PKK/PJAK group – again, an Iranian youth was killed in the clashes between the PKK and Turkey; But the PKK group announced the news after 5 years. At the same time, this is […]

Mehran Kikani: I was looking for a job, they gave me a gun

Socioeconomic problems lie at the foundations of recruitment of young Iranian Kurds by militant groups. Lack of job opportunities, education, and development of rural areas shape the young people in the environment in such a way that they become easy targets for groups as PKK, and its Iranian offshoot PJAK. During an interview that Mehran […]
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