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Woman seen as second-class citizens in Turkey, says femicide victim relative

Hacı Bozat, relative of femicide victim Seher Aktekin, has criticized the Turkish authorities for failing to prevent her murder, highlighting systemic issues in protecting women from domestic violence. On 20 June, Seher (27) was killed by her husband, Bekir Aktekin, in Mersin in southern Turkey. Bekir Aktekin had recently been released from prison. Bozat condemned […]

Mob attack on dance event in Turkey

Mob attack on dance event in Turkey’s southeast Diyarbakır raises fears of organized intolerance. In Turkey’s Kurdish-majority Diyarbakır (Amed), a cultural event organized by a private dance school in a public space was attacked by a group shouting religious slogans, resulting in injuries to several bystanders and participants. An outdoor dance event organized by a […]

Statement of IKHRW regarding Saadi Mohammadi

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, news was published on social media and Kurdish media outlets: “One of the commanders of the Democratic Party (Saadi Mohammadi) was arrested in a joint operation by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq. Iranian media reported that the arrest of […]

Forced disappearance of Idris Rahimzadeh by PAK

The story of Edris Rahimzadeh born in 1994, can be investigated within this framework. According to IKHRW, from Saqqez, forced disappearance is one of the policies of armed and terrorist groups towards their members. One of the fundamental rights of individuals and humanity is immunity from any form of assault on physical and mental integrity. […]

Reasons for the joining of Navid Asadi in a Kurdish armed group

The social damages such as divorce and poverty; one of the reasons for the joining of Navid Asadi in a Kurdish armed group. According to IKHRW report from Sanandaj, one of the social damages in the current Iranian society is the high divorce rate and the damages inflicted on the family. After divorce, Child of […]

Disclosure of reasons for membership of Fariba Piri in Democrat and PAK armed groups

Fariba Piri was initially recruited by the Democrat group and then PAK. According to the IKHRW, one of the reasons and backgrounds for the recruitment of Kurdish armed groups in Kurdish areas of Iran is unsuccessful marriage experiences of women who are likely forced to marry due to family pressure and after divorce, in order […]

Gouna Salehi enters in Komala aiming the escape from forced marriages

The subject today is Gouna Salehi, born in 1997, is a member of the armed group Komala. According to IKHRW, one of the most significant social and economic challenges in Kurdish-populated areas in the Middle East, including Iran, is the lack of respect for women’s rights in various fields, with varying degrees of intensity and […]

Family conflicts and pressure on women; the groundwork for joining Kurdish armed groups

Somayeh Moradi: as soon as my family realized where I went, they quickly pursued me. According to IKHRW Somayeh Moradi, a former member of PAK and Democrat, is one of those who in an interview with the reporter has announced due to conflicts with her mother and communication via Telegram with members of the PAK […]

PAK misuses family disputes of a Kurdish woman to recruit her

Fatemeh Choupanposht joined PAK with her two-year-old son. According to the IKHRW from Bukan, one of the social problems in Kurdish areas of Iran is forced marriage, family disputes and inappropriate behavior towards women and girls. In fact, the Kurdish woman is forced to seek refuge with an armed group to escape social disorder and […]

The story of the mistake of Somayeh Rajabi

IKHRW reporter’s subject today is Mozhdeh (Somayeh) Rajabi. According to IKHRW in Kamyaran, one of the key factors in recruitment of new deceived members into Kurdish armed groups, especially PJAK, is the exploitation of the members’ life problems and deceiving them. PJAK attracts its members, especially women, by promising to solve problems and provide free […]
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