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Children’s rights

Children’s rights: prohibiting the use of children as soldiers in armed conflicts. As the most vulnerable members of human society, children need serious support from the international community, both in practical and theoretical-legal dimensions; because many crimes have been committed against this part of society. The development of children’s rights is aimed at defending their […]

Sexual violence against children

The previous reports of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) on various crimes against children, mentioned that the United Nations Security Council, officially addressed the issue of the presence of children in war and internal and international armed conflicts in 1996. At the same time, the United Nations General Assembly sought to collect information […]

The challenge of the presence of militant and paramilitary groups inside and along Iran’s borders

The Minister of Interior of Turkey has claimed that currently mountainous areas around Mako in Iran, next to Qandil Mountain, are important safe zones for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its military wing, the so-called People’s Defense Forces (HPG). what Turkey’s goals are for raising this issue is not up for debate, although in […]

Violation of children’s rights by PJAK

Denial of Children’s access to humanitarian aid by PJAK. It was mentioned in the previous reports of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) on various crimes against children, that the United Nations Security Council, by establishing the “Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflicts” in 1996, officially addressed the issue of the presence of […]

International Missing Children’s Day and remembering PJAK’s responsibility

May 25th is International Missing Children’s Day. The purpose is to support missing children who may be threatened, sexually abused, harassed or trafficked, with the slogan: “No child is alone”. Probably every Kurd who believes in the rights of these people in the Middle East, is reminded of the Kurdish children who have missed during […]

The Kurdish people of northern Iraq involved in poverty and corruption

Members of Parliament (MP) fighting physically. While all the Kurdish regions in West Asia are experiencing their most difficult times, and the developments in the region also do not have a specific direction to solve many crises at the regional, national and extra-regional levels, the release of a video from the recent meeting of the […]

“Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan” and admitting the existence of children in the militia structure

Terrorism and violence, brainwashing and terrorist acts and extortion are some of trainings given to children in these groups. Militant and armed groups in the Kurdish regions of Northern Iraq are known for recruiting children and teenagers. They not only do not deny this action, but also proudly publish the photos of their young members. […]

The letter of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) to the members of the European Parliament (MEP)

Representatives of the European Parliament – Brussels   According to the news published in various media, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, the headquarters of the European Parliament will host various political groups opposed to the Islamic Republic. This meeting will be held with the presence of almost all the opponents of the Islamic Republic and […]

Ocalan’s intellectual life

The description of Ocalan’s intellectual life, like many characters like him, is a mixture of myth and reality. Ocalan’s writings are 100 volumes in narration and 500 volumes in narration. The same goes for the books he read while in prison. It has been said that he has read 3500 books during these years in […]

Syrian Kurdish children are not the only children who are recruited as child soldiers by PKK-affiliated organizations

Kidnapping of minors and deception of young people in all countries with Kurdish minority and the presence of PKK-affiliated organizations continue. This happens regularly in Iranian Kurdistan, where Iranian Kurdish teenagers are influenced and tricked both through social media platforms and by local operators who deliberately target them to later move to the Qandil region […]
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