Continued death of young Iranians in the PKK-Turkey war

The Firat news agency affiliated with the PKK/PJAK armed group in its latest news has announced that two Iranian members of this group were killed in Turkish army attacks.

PKK has announced the date of death of them as November 11, 2023, but the news of the death of these two people has been posted on December 6 (25 days after they were killed) on its website. Penjwen in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq is the place where PKK has declared the Turkish army attacked these two people. PKK has not announced how and in what process these people became members of this group and what is the relationship between the Iranian Kurds and the PKK and its war with the Turkish army? Also, the burial place of these people is still unclear and it is not clear whether the families of these people know about the death of their children or not.

These two Iranian citizens are as follows:

Name and surname: Islam Jahanfar

Organization name: Barkhudan Kalhor

Born: 1980 in Shahabad, Kermanshah province

Time and place of joining: 2017- Penjwen

Time and place of death: 2023- Penjwen


Name and surname: Hassan Sabouri

Organization name: Redor Baz

Place of birth: Maku

Time and place of joining: 2023- Dehamhat

Time and place of death: 2023- Penjwen


In this way, killing of Iranian members of the PKK/PJAK in the attacks of the Turkish army has become a constant and significant trend and it is probably due to the non-entry of a new Turkish member into the PKK structure and forced this armed group to use Iranian PJAK members to be in the war between the PKK and the Turkish army.

The important thing about Islam Jahanfar is the announcement of his date of birth and the date of his membership in the PKK. Until now and even now, PKK does not publish the date of birth of its members to deny the use of children as soldiers. But in the specific case of Islam Jahanfar due to his old age when joining (37 years old), his birth year and year of membership has been announced.  It did not happen for Hassan Sabouri and many others.

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