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Hossein Rahmati was found after 15 years

Hossein Rahmati was injured by the attacks of Turkish army jets in Mount Asos and died due to the severity of his injuries. Hossein Rahmati, with the organizational code of Sirvan Sine, is a former member of the PJAK militia, who was injured by the attacks of the Turkish army fighters in Mount Asos on […]

Suicide of girls in separatist groups

Suicide of women and girls in emerging groups and religions has become a normal phenomenon today. Suicide, as one of the forms of harm and social deviations, is a problem that all societies, both advanced and developing, are facing, and the increase in the suicide rate has brought increasing concern to today’s societies. There is […]

Children are the toy of adults

It has been many years that the issue of using children as a tool in regional wars in the world and especially in the Middle East has been receiving much attention. According to the reports published by the United Nations, many cases of the use of children in regional armed conflicts such as various Kurdish […]

Hatem Khan Jahan’s father: Why should PJAK kill my son in Turkey?

Iran Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has continued its ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes with “Hatem Khan Jahan’s father”, another victim. One of the consistent approaches of militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK is that after one or more years of the children being killed, […]

Sarveh Khani’s brother: PJAK told us “there’s no body”.

Following the ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes, the Human Rights Watch of Iran has arranged another conversation with the brother of a young woman called “Sarveh Khani”, from Divandere city, another victim. One of the constant approaches of militant groups such as PKK / PJAK is […]

PKK’s Syrian wing YPG also deceives, forcefully holds, and indoctrinates children

Not unlike Iranian wing PJAK, PKK's Syrian wing YPG continues to kidnap minors to use them as child soldiers. Muhammad Azad Hasan (15) is the latest victim.

PKK child soldiers suffer psychological damage: Who was “Hussein Chinga”?

PJAK child soldier Hossein Chingeh suffered tremendously after his commander Amed Malazgirt tossed him aside. He died in Turkey's Botan region.

Is PJAK an independent group? / Who was “Dilxwaz”?

Following the publication of a conversation between an ex-member of PJAK/PKK in Iran, and a reporter of IKHRW concerning “Leila Afrin”, one of the female commanders of that group, IKHRW has decided to continue interviewing ex-members of the group on the turmoil inside the party. The following conversation is about one of the commanders of […]

Mother begs PJAK leader to be able to meet her child in Clubhouse meeting

In PJAK's latest Clubhouse meeting with Siamend Moeini, mother Shapool begged the leader to be able to meet her child that had been recruited three years ago. Moeini's answer was insufficient.

Who is Leyla Afrin:? Problems of life and lack of awareness cause deception and membership in “PKK”

A description of the life of an Iranian PKK recruit who managed to escape, and the atrocities committed by a PKK commander named Leyla Afrin, who is now in North-East Syria.
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