PJAK’s new crime; Setting a record in the forced disappearance of a Kurdish young man

One of the daily and consistent crimes of PJAK and of course other Kurdish armed groups is the forced disappearance of members.

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the crimes of the PJAK terrorist group against Iranian Kurdish youth and teenagers are still continuing and every day, new aspects of the inhumane actions of this armed group are revealed. Deceiving teenagers and young people, abducting and smuggling them from the western borders of Iran to areas in Iraqi Kurdistan, extortion, terror, creating insecurity, etc. are in PJAK’s record, and IKHRW has documented them many times.

One of the daily and consistent crimes of PJAK and of course other Kurdish armed groups is the forced disappearance of members. The members, after a while, realize their armed and terrorist nature and plan to leave it. But because the group knows that the departure of a member means revealing its nature and may be a model for others, the person who wants to leave the group is practically boycotted, imprisoned and even tortured, and finally the news of death is published. In this dirty and repetitive scenario, no one knows exactly why, where and how the wrongdoer was killed (eliminated)? Where exactly is the body? In this method of eliminating opposition and protesting members, PJAK and P.K.K., are masters. The news of the member’s death is also delayed. It means that the family does not know if their child is alive or killed? Delay in informing about the status of PKK members, especially regarding whether they are alive or not, can be an example of enforced disappearance. An issue that has been recognized as an international crime since 2006 and has been emphasized by international organizations, especially the UN Human Rights Council; So that the importance of this issue is reflected in various documents such as the “Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance” and international and human rights organizations have considered it a crime against humanity even under certain conditions.

Iran’s Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has repeatedly reported this method of P.K.K and PJAK crimes.

In its latest crime against Iranian Kurdish youth, PJAK has announced the death of one member with a delay of about 6 months!

According to the announcement of PKK/PJAK, on 17 September 2023, as a result of Turkish airstrikes in Penjwin region, an Iranian member of this group named Barzan Hassanzadeh, with the organizational name of Tolheldan Qandil, was killed.

PJAK claimed that he was born in Mahabad in 1994 (1373) and died in 2023.

PJAK, also in this particular case, because the killed person passed the legal age and was more than 18 years old, announced the date of his membership and claimed that Barzan Hassanzadeh became a member of PJAK on December 6, 2016!

Of course, PJAK did not declare that:

  1. Where is the body of this PKK/PJAK group member buried now?
  2. Why does PJAK publish the news of his death after 6 months? Does it not know that an Iranian member of the group was killed? With these tragedies does this group claim order and intellectual-organizational discipline?
  3. Why should the young Iranian Kurds become victims of the P.K.K’s 5-decade-long war with Türkiye? What does P.K.K’s war with Türkiye have to do with Iran’s Kurdistan?
  4. If Barzan Hasanzadeh really died as a result of Turkish attacks, why does the Turkish army not confirm such news?

۵٫ Why has Penjwin region of Iraq become a place of PKK/PJAK? Is not P.K.K fighting with the Turkish army? Why should PKK’s war take victims of the people of Iran and Iraq?

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