۱۰th anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman

Today is the tenth anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman. He was an Erbil-based journalist and was killed for his 348-word satire titled “I am in love with Barzani’s daughter”, in which he compared how vastly different his life would be as a member of the Barzani family, notorious for its vast wealth and corruption.
He compared the Barzani family’s life to that of an ordinary Kurdish citizen. After getting many threats, he published another two articles entitled “Neither the president nor his daughter are God” and “The first ring for my death has been belled”. On 4/5/2010 he was abducted in Erbil, to be killed in Mosul the day after.
The killing of this 23-years-old journalist caused outrage in Kurdistan and mass demonstrations followed, calling on security authorities to unveil the details about what happened to him. All the accusing fingers were pointed at the KDP’s intelligence services (Parastin).

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