Statement of IKHRW regarding Saadi Mohammadi

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, news was published on social media and Kurdish media outlets: “One of the commanders of the Democratic Party (Saadi Mohammadi) was arrested in a joint operation by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.

Iranian media reported that the arrest of his man in framework of the commitment of the authorities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to disarmament treaties and the control of terrorist groups, as well as the recent visit of Nechervan Barzani to Tehran, demonstrates the serious determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the authorities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to not engage with terrorists stationed in this region.

Hours later, another news was published claiming that Saadi Mohammadi had been freed: “Saadi Mohammadi, one of the commanders of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, has been freed. He was detained by the Asayish administration of the Kurdistan Region in the Arbat area.” Considering the lack of accurate and detailed news until the issuance of this statement, the latest news can be considered as the criterion and it can be said that “Saadi Mohammadi has been freed.”

In light of the recent developments and the dissemination of various analyses regarding the movements of Kurdish armed groups along the borders of Iran, IKHRW has issued the following statement, emphasizing the following points:

۱) The local government in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, as well as the central government in Baghdad, are obligated, according to an official agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, to disarm and remove these armed groups from border areas and closely monitor their militant and terrorist activities.

۲) In a press conference held during his visit to Tehran, Nechirvan Barzani emphasized that the authorities in Erbil are committed to implementing the provisions of the security agreement between Iran and Iraq, and that some parts of these agreements have already been implemented. Mr. Barzani stressed that “no group in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan has the right to take any action against the national interests and security of Iran and neighboring countries.”

۳) Armed groups present on the western borders of Iran have repeatedly demonstrated their lack of commitment to agreements. Based on this, IKHRW emphasizes that armed groups and their leaders must be held accountable for their militant behavior, use of child soldiers, smuggling, attacks on Iranian law enforcement forces, and hundreds of other unlawful actions.

۴) IKHRW emphasizes that Erbil and Baghdad must behave responsibly and not allow these groups to operate and move freely in terms of their behavior and security commitments. Furthermore, according to the investigations of IKHRW, Saadi Mohammadi has played a direct role in recruiting children as soldiers, and it is unclear why and how he has been freed. Dozens of interviews conducted on IKHRW website indicate that several children have been deceived by the Democratic group led by Saadi Mohammadi and have become members of this group. Their fate is currently unknown.

۵) IKHRW, which has repeatedly published documents on human rights violations by Kurdish armed groups, including the Democratic Party, strongly urges the governments of Iran and Iraq to provide the necessary conditions for the trial of Saadi Mohammadi, a senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. The Iraqi government and the Barzani dynasty must understand that they are not responsible for ensuring the security of armed groups! They are responsible for securing the borders of Iran and protecting the lives of Iranian citizens, and they must be committed to a security agreement.

۶) IKHRW announces that international arrest warrants have been issued for this man and several members of the Democratic party.

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