Rudaw belittles women on live TV: the result of tribalism

Translated from German
Last night, Rudaw had a special program and the headline was ”Romi Harki: Women must fear their men.” In the 30 minute lasting program, the Iraqi Kurdish singer Romi Harki was interviewed about his views on women and their place in society.
Harki has made very disturbing statements throughout the show, that reflect a big part of the society’s view on women. He states that women should be shy, should stay at home and should be afraid of their men.
The kurdish satellite channels Rudaw and Kurdistan 24 have demonstrated their sexist and misogynistic agenda in which women are presented as the property of men in the last few weeks.Over the 3 decades rule of the Kurdish political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, women have been harassed, humiliated, and killed under different names, and this is a new campaign to both terrorize and humiliate women.
It is also an effort to encourage men to control, scare as well as continue the tribal and patriarchal system which has inflicted enormous pain and suffering on women, and led to the lowest number of educated and/or working women in the region. Women in Iraqi Kurdistan are only valued by beauty and the length of their hair by most men.
Tribalism, which ayatollah Khomeini forbade in Iranian Kurdistan many years ago, is a curse on society. A curse that makes a lot of victims, especially among women and the poor.

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