What has PJAK done with the body of Sarveh Khani?

Sarveh Khani’s brother told IKHRW reporter about why his sister joined PJAK: “My sister was deceived by her cousin (Bayan) and joined PJAK.”

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, one of the inhumane and human rights-violating actions of the PJAK terrorist group is the extermination of the bodies of the members of this group. This act, which is called forced disappearance, has practically caused to have no information about the life status of PJAK members. PJAK claims that these people were killed, but does not hand over their bodies. PJAK claims that these members were killed in the war with the Turkish army, but does not answer the question that what does war of PKK with the Turkish army have to do with the Kurds of Iran? In this way, the family does not know exactly what is the real fate of their children? Are they alive or dead?  The mentioned person’s attempt to escape cause these. PJAK removes or imprisons the bored person, fearing that his sectarian nature will be revealed and the armed actions exposed and then claims in an announcement that an Iranian PJAK member was killed in the war with Turkey! In these repeated announcements of PJAK, there is no hint of the place of burial, the type and the exact time of death so that the family and human rights institutions remain in complete ignorance.

In his new interview, IKHRW reporter went to Sarveh Khani’s brother to talk about her fate.

It is worth mentioning that according to the official website of PKK/PJAK, Sarveh Khani along with three other PKK/PJAK forces, died in the clashes on May 8-12, 2017/18-22.

 The official information published on the PJAK website about Sarveh Khani is as follows:

Name and surname: Sarveh Khani

Organization code: Havin Rojhelat

Place of birth: Divandarreh

Name of mother-father: Barfav-Nabi

Time and place of death: 8 May 2017/ Colemêrg

Deceived by a relative and caught in the clutches of PJAK

Sarveh Khani’s brother told IKHRW reporter about why his sister joined PJAK: “My sister was deceived by her cousin (Bayan) and joined PJAK.” They spent most of their time together. So I am sure that only she was able to trick my sister and make her enter PJAK. Because my sister was only twenty years old at that time and she was always helping my old parents in farming and she didn’t know any of the parties and had no background.  When Sarveh disappeared, we did not know where she went or where to look for her! We were in absolute shock. We have not heard from Bayan for several years. We don’t know what happened to her; we don’t know if she is alive or dead!”

 Start searching for Sarveh

Mr. Khani told the reporter about the family’s efforts to find a trace of Sarveh: “Our initial pursuits were fruitless. There was no trace of them at all. But after a few days of searching, an unknown number called us and said that Sarve has become a member of PJAK and insisted that we never go after her. But my mother couldn’t bear it and went to Iraq with another family member and begged them for several days to see their daughter at least once, but unfortunately they did not allow it at all. They did not allow my old mother to meet Sarve even for a moment. So my mother had to return to Iran, and since that day, she has been looking forward to the return of her little daughter. But we have no news.”

Announcement of Sarveh’s death by PJAK

Sarveh’s brother emphasized to the reporter about the news announced by PJAK: “We were disappointed to find Sarveh. Because everything we tried we had no success. PJAK did not allow to visit. Nearly two years after Sarveh ran away, my sister’s name was announced as killed in one of Turkey’s regions on PKK/PJAK television!  We were shocked. Why should my little sister be killed in Turkey?

We couldn’t believe that the news was true, but no one contacted us to tell us the details. We again called that number but it was unavailable. In fact, we did not know where to go. So, we decided to go to Iraq; but when we got there, the PJAK forces announced that Sarveh was killed in the Gulmarg region of Turkey. But they said there is no corpse and do not look for it anymore; she is definitely killed. I was really destroyed. Why should not they hand over the body for burial? Why doesn’t PJAK at least accept responsibility for the corpses of its members? If Sarveh was really killed, where is she buried now? In Turkey or in Iraq? Where should we find out about my sister?

Is it true to kill a girl and leave her body in the mountains and desert and there is still no grave for her? I think they did not have honor and humanity to have left the body of a girl in the mountains, or they lied to us that Sarveh was dead. If PJAK claims honor and war for the Kurds, why should it leave the body of a Kurdish girl in the mountains? Why didn’t they value my sister’s body?

From that day on, my old mother is no longer able to do anything just crying and staring at the door for her little girl to come back. She cannot believe that Sarveh was killed and says at least show my daughter’s grave so that I can mourn. But we don’t know about Sarveh’s body, nor do we know about her burial place. We only know one thing and that is the hatred of PJAK. Why should PJAK give weapons to my sister and cousin?

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