The letter of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch to the United Nations Commission on Women

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women – New York

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch as a non-profit organization active in monitoring human rights violations in Kurdish areas of Iran, regarding the meeting of this institution in New York, draws the attention of the members of this commission and its secretariat is to the following points regarding the activity of an armed group and kidnapping of a young Iranian girl:

۱) The armed group known as Liberation of Kurdistan-PAK- operates and exists as a militia in the western borders of Iran and in the areas under the control of the local government of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. According to the reports of human rights organizations as well as news published in various media, this group is accused of terrorist acts against civilians and the Iranian official armed forces inside Iran.

۲) PAK uses children as soldiers and military force to provide its human resources. This group has admitted this many times on its official website and even the bodyguards of the leader’s wife are chosen from children.  Dozens of families have protested against the abduction and deception of their children by the Kurdistan Liberation Armed Group by a complaint declaration against the armed actions of this group. They announced their official complaint in a recently held rally in Erbil.

۳) The Convention on the Rights of the Child prohibits the use of children as armed forces and soldiers. PAK has dozens of members under the legal age (18 years old) and is not accountable to the Iraqi government and does not take responsibility for the death of its members. The families of these children have announced that PAK kidnapped or deceived their children.

۴) Ajin Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish girl, has been taken hostage by PAK.  Pak members do not allow Ajin to meet her family and there is no information about her fate. Ajin was only 14 years old at the time of entering Pak headquarters and is considered a child. As a human rights organization, we request you as a United Nations official to pay attention to the issue of women in armed groups, including Kurdish armed groups in Iraq, Turkey and Syria and put this issue on the agenda of the annual meeting. Every year, hundreds of women join Kurdish armed groups in the Middle East by forced membership, kidnapping and deception, and many of them are killed. Ajin Amini is one of dozens of Iranian Kurdish girls kidnapped by PAK.

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