Why don’t you launch a campaign for Farshid Fathi?

Farshid Fathi, the son of Rahim and Jamileh from Marivan, is one of dozens of children and teenagers who have fallen victim to the PJAK group and have never been talked about. The double victim of silence. He was recruited by the PKK on June 19, 2012 and sent to death in Hakari, Turkey.

It seems that one of the important factors in the continuation of human rights violations is the approach of the so-called human rights defenders and activists. With a dual approach and a selective approach to human rights, they open the way for groups such as PJAK to continue abducting and deceiving children and adolescents. Undoubtedly, if Kurdish human rights activists had protested against the recruitment of Kurdish children and adolescents by the PKK / PJAK, we would not be witnessing the death of many of them now. Children and adolescents are the future of society. Today, thanks to the mass media, especially social networks, protesting against PJAK’s inhumane actions is not a difficult task, it just requires effort and will.

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