A new crime; another sign of PJAK’s being terrorist on its establishment anniversary; Iranian Kurdish youth disappear

As the Iranian branch of the PKK, the PJAK terrorist group, entered a new phase of its activities following Abdullah Ocalan’s arrestation and began to move in the Kurdish regions of Iran to recruit new members and get finance. The existence of some ethnic potentials in this region of Iran, as well as serious deprivations in the border and Kurdish areas of Iran, paved the way some deceived people to be recruited by this group. In fact, the eastern branch of the PKK was eventually formed as the Kurdistan Free Life Party, or PJAK, in April 2004 (during the US occupation of Iraq). The black record of PJAK clearly shows the purpose of this terrorist group and its regional and trans-regional supporters. Extortion from thousands of economic activists and production workshops; hundreds of terrorist acts; burning forests, pastures and environmental terrorism; murdering, kidnapping and extorting the Kolbars, and finally the deception and abduction of thousands of Iranian Kurdish youth and teenagers, well illustrate the terrorist nature of PJAK and the PKK. The sad thing is that most of the victims of this terrorist group are the Kurds. In fact, PJAK was established to exterminate the Kurds.

This group has become more and more rude in recent years; it publishes death news of Iranian members who claim to have been killed in Turkish attacks. The important question is why should Iranians be killed in the Turkish government’s war with a terrorist group on the borders of a third country – Iraq and Qandil? What exactly are the achievements of the PKK’s four decades of war and two decades of PJAK war and assassination (and, of course, other illegal Kurdish armed groups such as KDP and KDPI) for the Kurds? Is it except for the occupation of the Kurdish areas of Syria and the region by the Turkish army or insecurity, instability, unemployment and underdevelopment in the Kurdish regions of Iran?

But PJAK and the PKK have taken a new criminal approach in recent years. They are announcing the names of their killed members – including Iranian Kurdish youth – with a delay of several months or even several years. Thus, it is not exactly clear why a member of PJAK and PKK has been killed. For Turkish attacks? Internal settlement? Execution or shooting from behind while fleeing? Suffering from Covid-19 or falling down a mountain? Why PJAK and PKK do not see their members as human being? Why do not they deliver the bodies of their members to the families? Why should the news of the death of Iranian members be published more than two years later? What enmity does PJAK have with the Iranian Kurds that routine crimes do not convince the leaders of this group to stop? Why does this terrorist group not answer and pay attention to the questions of the media and human rights organizations regarding the release of teenagers? Such questions have been asked for years by human rights organizations and even the Kurds themselves; but PJAK’s answeris to continue the assassination, extortion and forced disappearance of Iranian Kurdish youth and adolescents.

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In the latest crime by PJAK and PKK, this terrorist group has set a new record by announcing the names of its four killed members in 2021! That is, after more than 36 months! Firat News Agency – Press Organization of PKK and PJAK Terrorist Group – stated that “these people were killed in the bombing of the Qandil region [by Turkish fighters] on March 28, 2019.

One of these members is Iranian: Hossein Kamkar (codenamed Argesh Shooresh – from Mahabad). It is still unclear why the news of the deaths of these members should be announced after a three-year delay? Did PJAK execute these people for fleeing this terrorist group? Have they fallen victim to internal PJAK competitions? Isn’t this act and the non-delivery of their bodies to the family a clear example of forced disappearance? Why do human rights organizations and the Firat News Agency who celebrate the birthday of a terrorist named Zeinab Jalalian, are silent now?

Who should take care of the unknown situation of thousands of young Iranian Kurds? Why are the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its consulates in the Kurdistan Region not pursuing the fate oh the Iranian nationals? Is the life of Iranian Kurdish youth not worth it?

How many other young Iranians should be the victims of PJAK actions so that the Iranian government can seriously protest and warn the Kurdish Region of Iraq?

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