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Siamand Moeini needs to accept responsibility for the crimes and wrongdoings of PJAK / Part One

As observed by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, on Monday night, November 24, 2021, Mr. Siamand Moeini, the head of the PJAK armed and militant group (a branch of the PKK terrorist group), who has been working against the Islamic Republic from the heart of Europe (Stockholm, Sweden), while himself avoiding the dangers of […]

Lost in PJAK: Idris Faraji (part 5)

In a special note to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, a former PJAK member examines the forced disappearance and death of Iranian Kurdish teenagers in the PJAK / PKK terrorist group, and provides the watchdog with specific information about them. It is worth mentioning that all this information has been obtained from the official […]

PKK struggles to stay on its feet; draws from PJAK’s pool of fighters

Written by Hedwig Kuijpers exclusively for SouthFront The last three years have proven to be difficult years for the PKK. As Turkey has started operation after operation, increased its permanent military presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and has managed to expel PKK fighters from several of its camps in North-Iraq. Analysis of data sets concerning PKK […]

PKK confirms: one Iranian among five killed in Turkish chemical attack

The PKK-affiliated Euphrates news agency has confirmed that five members of its forces were killed in a chemical bombing in Turkey. The PKK added that on October 5, 1941, the group’s forces, including Cumali Corum, Chafreh Kamuran, Delvin Dalaho, Amara Cudi and Maher Kop, were killed in the Avashin area. According to the PKK, one […]

Kurdish children continue to die in the fruitless war between the PKK and Turkey / This episode: Abdullah Ismaili

Apparently, the sad story of Kurdish children in the Middle East is not over yet… Underdevelopment, Kolberi [cross-border smuggling], civil wars, and four decades of fruitless war between Turkey and the PKK, have become the leading causes of death for Kurdish children. Thousands of Kurdish children have been recruited, abducted, or deceived by the PKK […]

The Turkish justice system is overwhelmed with thousands in prison for such dubious crimes as texting about weddings.

Amberin Zaman Justice remains elusive for Metin Kilicaslan, a wedding singer from the mainly Kurdish province of Siirt in southeast Turkey who’s been languishing in a Turkish prison since 2015 on charges of membership of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). He tracks his days spent in jail by his daughter’s birthdays. She was newly […]

Stockholm’s failure to recognize SDF links to YPG, PKK

BY KLAUS JURGENS What makes highly experienced politicians who travel and know the world think terrorists are freedom fighters? How come after decades in the business of politics members of banned terrorist gangs and their offshoots continuously manage to fool them? What happened to political due diligence? Or could it be that certain holders of public […]

PKK confirms that one of its Iranian members was killed in a Turkish chemical attack

Obaid Moloudi (nom de guerre: Xebat Aso), son of Hajar and Hossein, a resident of Javanrood city in Kermanshah province, is the newest Iranian member of the PKK / PJAK to die in the group’s war with the Turkish army. The PKK claimed in a statement that Obaid – among several others of its armed […]

PKK Abducts Six Civilians, Forces Families to Speak Against Their Children

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has abducted six civilians in the Qandil area of Kurdistan Region and now forces their families to speak against the abductees. PKK-affiliated media outlets have published statements from several people who commend the PKK for abducting their children on alleged spy charges. In the statements, a woman, said to be […]

The Gara Affair: How Not to Rescue Hostages

By Burak Bekdil EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan needed a military success story, and the rescue of 13 hostages held by the PKK in northern Iraq would have fit the bill. Unfortunately, the operation was a tragic failure. Erdoğan now accuses the Kurds, Kurdish political parties, opposition parties, and even the Biden administration […]
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