Promoting murder and terror by the PKK/PJAK news agency

The media organ of the armed and militant group PKK/PJAK (Firat) is known as a notorious media arm in Kurdish communities that is responsible for propaganda against the opponents of PKK’s armed and ineffective approach.

In fact, from the point of view of this pseudo-media, anyone and any group who is against the PKK and is critical of the approach of this group and its affiliated institutions, is related to the governments of Iran and Turkey, against the rights of the Kurds and in a word, and has betrayed the Kurds!

From the point of view of PKK and PJAK and the media of this militant and armed group, PKK has the right to kidnap Kurdish girls and women, to use children as soldiers, carry out armed operations against civilians, cooperate with the US to occupy eastern Syria and steal the oil wealth of the Syrian people, make development in the Kurdistan regions of Iran and Turkey impossible and insecure, provide the ground for Turkey’s attacks on Syria and the Kurdish regions of Iraq; But no one should criticize P.K.K./PJAK! From the point of view of PKK and Firat, critics of PKK are not Kurds, they do not like Kurds and are anti-Kurds. This is all the logic and reasoning of an armed group that is on the list of terrorist groups in many countries of the world. In other words, PKK does not give the right to criticize and argue not only for its members but also for opponents and critics.

Firat pseudo-media claimed in an article that PKK’s armed actions are legitimate defense. The question is, who gave this right to PKK to consider itself the representative of the Kurdish people and have the right to carry out armed operations? Where did the Kurdish people authorize the PKK to fight for them and in their name?

Firat wrote: “It must be said we are in a situation that parties without weapons is not possible and with no weapons to defend themselves, the enemies do not give any permission for effective political activity. The use of weapons must be subject to a principle in order to serve the revolution. In the new paradigm, people are required to train and prepare themselves for such conflicts based on “inherent defense”. The party plays the role of guidance and direction regarding “inherent defense”. In fact, it is clear from the name. That is not possible for the people to sit and tell the party that whenever I am attacked, you come and defend me! In the new paradigm, the division of duties has been done correctly, and if each department, including the party and the people, plays its role correctly, as the leader of Apo (Abdullah Ocalan) promised, the revolution of “Jin, Jian, Azadi” will be achieved.”

A part of this long, unprofessional and full of projection text, was deliberately quoted in this report to examine deviant thoughts of PKK more closely.

First, Firat should explain which political party is armed? Is armed war and terror the specialty of political parties? Which party in Europe, America, East Asia and many parts of the world is armed and proud of this weapon? Which wisdom and referendum in the Kurdish society allowed the PKK to carry out armed activities? Are the Kurdish people satisfied with the actions of the PKK? Has the development of West Asian Kurdistan intensified with the actions of the PKK in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey? What was the result of 40 years of war? Have the governments of Turkey and Iran been overthrown? Or has Ocalan been released from prison?

Secondly, the principle of using weapons is approved and determined by a terrorist group called PKK. Does it mean that if a Kurdish group against the PKK is armed, has no principle? Where are PKK and PJAK in the Kurdish equation? In which elections did they get high votes and when were the heads of these groups elected by the Kurdish people?

Thirdly, why does PKK encourage people to war, armed operations and military conflicts? Is PKK the official government or the official army of a country? The blood of thousands of Kurdish youth and human beings in the Middle East has been spilled on PKK’s stupidity. What has been the result of 40 years of war and bloodshed? Was the Kurdish national government planned by Ocalan established? Are child abductions, using children as soldiers, attacking schools, distributing and producing drugs, abusing Kolbers, blind terrorist operations, extorting Kurdish people and industrialists and hundreds of other crimes within the framework of inherent defense and legitimate defense? How long is legitimate defense supposed to continue in the decadent thought of PKK leaders? Why don’t PKK leaders and their children participate in this legitimate defense? Why is lack of development of Iranian Kurdistan, the occupation of Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq, the result of this legitimate defense? Why is PKK’s legitimate defense described as terrorist actions by the countries of the world? If PJAK and PKK are powerful and popular, why don’t they take up arms against the Iranian government’s warning to the leaders of the northern region of Iraq? Why has the legitimate defense of the PKK failed to release the leader of this cult from prison? If PKK has power, why is it present in the mountains? First, let Ocalan out of prison! In one word, PKK project has failed! The number of members of this group and the attention of its actions have faced a serious decrease and different countries have been able to restrain the actions of this cult.  Imaginary texts and illusions about legitimate defense will not change the fate of PKK which is weakening and destruction!  Firat has failed. War requires popularity, legitimacy, knowledge and tactics, which Ocalan does not have them

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