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Urgent / Official Statement of Kurdistan Region Police: PKK assassinated Ali Khan

In an official statement, the Police of the Kurdistan Region announced that the PKK assassinated Ghazi Saleh Alikhan, in charge of the security of the Sarzareh customs gate between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey. The statement said that after the necessary investigations, it was determined the PKK had followed Ghazi Alikhan and while his presence […]

Terror as a Tactic: YPG’s new ​Modus Operandi ​ in North-Syria

Translated from German by IKHRW This article tries to shed light on the terroristic tactics YPG has adopted in North-Syria – after the Turkish illegitimate invasion – shown by statistics collected between july 2018 and november 2019. The YPG has changed their tactics from direct military invasion to primarily hit-and-run-style assassinations and carbombings, showing the […]