August 15, PKK and continued massacre of Kurdish children during its 39 years of fruitless conflict

During these 39 years, August 15 is the day that the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK started armed activity against the military under the orders of Ankara.

Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK, who before the military coup of 1980 preferred to escape and fled to Syria and Lebanon along with his wife and an important group of his associates, issued the attack order from a distance so that a group of people who were trained under Ocalan’s order attacked two border posts in Ervah and Shamzinan, Turkey, at the same time. The commander of the PKK military branch at that time was a person named Masoum Korkmaz. 39 years have passed since that time.

What has really been the achievement of the PKK and its affiliated forces during the past 39 years? What was the tangible economic, political, legal, social, security and psychological achievements of these 39 years of armed conflict, terror, burning people’s and government property, self-immolation, massacre and elimination for the Kurds of Turkey and of the region? Is lack of development of Kurdish regions in Iran, Syria and Turkey an achievement? Using children as soldiers, disrupting the psychological and social security of Kurds and Turks in Europe and vandalism and street war in European countries, production and distribution of drug, bloody civil war among Kurds, securing the rights of the Kurdish ethnic group, the result of the armed conflict of some leftists. It has been without understanding the needs of the region and the state.

The important point of this short note is the PKK’s insistence on continuing the wrong and harmful method of the past. Every day, the website of this armed group is proud of continuing the war with the Turkish army. Meanwhile, due to the dominance of the Turkish army in the air and its advanced technologies, the chances of the PKK to win a guerilla and mountain war have become very little. The goal of the PKK in the war is still not clear. more democratic Turkey ? Forming an independent country or a military game for political points? In this atmosphere, the PKK forces have practically become victims of the leaders’ desires; Because they do not have a powerful and professional commander, nor are they armed with advanced weapons. If Turkey has occupied Iraq and Syria, it is actually because of the policies of the PKK and its affiliated groups, which has given the necessary excuse to Turkey . It was the PKK that practically paved the way for the failure of the peace talks by the war of the trenches. To the point of view of any index, the policies of the PKK have caused the Kurdish cities of Turkey more underdeveloped and backward. PJAK, the Iranian branch of the PKK, has carried out several terrorist operations in Iran in the past 20 years and has only killed ordinary people. Iran’s Kurdistan Province has similar conditions to Turkey’s Kurdish regions in terms of development, employment rate, etc. An important part of the Syrian territory is also in the possession of Kurdish groups allied to the PKK, who are looting Syrian oil and imposing poverty on the people and government of Syria with the cooperation of the United States. In fact, PKK’s approach has been nothing but ruin, destruction, terror, foreign occupation, poverty, etc. for Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq and the Kurds of these 4 countries. Recently, the PKK-affiliated Firat website published pictures of girls and claimed they joined the PKK on the occasion of August 15.

As seen in the photo, these girls can hardly be called young and some of them are even teenagers. The reality is PKK is now a group run by a few tired, grumpy and stubborn old men often lost their elite and experienced commanders and forces, and the people under their command are mostly young rural and simple teenagers deceived and taken to the mountains with false hopes.

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