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Turkey’s strictness in relation to the murder incident in Mardin

Turkey serious in the case of deadly attack on Duhok families. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu on Monday told a delegation from a Kurdish political party based in the Kurdistan Region that they are serious in the prosecution of suspects who have been arrested in relation to the recent death of […]

The Turkish justice system is overwhelmed with thousands in prison for such dubious crimes as texting about weddings.

Amberin Zaman Justice remains elusive for Metin Kilicaslan, a wedding singer from the mainly Kurdish province of Siirt in southeast Turkey who’s been languishing in a Turkish prison since 2015 on charges of membership of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). He tracks his days spent in jail by his daughter’s birthdays. She was newly […]

Stockholm’s failure to recognize SDF links to YPG, PKK

BY KLAUS JURGENS What makes highly experienced politicians who travel and know the world think terrorists are freedom fighters? How come after decades in the business of politics members of banned terrorist gangs and their offshoots continuously manage to fool them? What happened to political due diligence? Or could it be that certain holders of public […]

Turkey has the largest presence in Iraq and is occupying more lands

In the past two weeks, Turkish forces have occupied new areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The new Turkish military campaign is part of the Turkish expansion plan led by the country’s authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The new campaign began with the same old pretext – to “end” the presence of the […]

International duty of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in the fight against terrorist groups

According to international law, the countries, as a duty, must not allow their territories to be used against the national security of neighboring countries. According to the Declaration of Principles for Friendly Relations in International Law, no country should be a host nor a refuge place for terrorist groups. The 1944 Declaration on the Eradication […]

Turkey brought Free Syrian Army fighters to the region to fight against PKK

Aiming to maintain control over a 100-kilometer area in Metîna, Zap, and Avaşîn, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) advanced only 8 kilometers in 6 days and to reinforce the Turkish Army, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters were brought to the operation area. As the military operation that was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces […]

Ankara’s “Kobanî trials” have begun

Ankara: 108 politicians from the pro-Kurdish HDP – including chairman Selahattin Demirtaş – are being prosecuted for the 2014 Kobanî protests. The first day was already not exactly smooth. The first hearing of the “Kobanî Trial” began today (April 26) at Ankara’s 22nd Heavy Criminal Court. As many as 108 defendants from the People’s Democratic […]

Turkish officer orders water cut off to Al-Hasakah, Canton Council declares emergency

Today, the Water Directorate and the Al-Hasakah Canton Council declared emergency in Al-Hasakah, due to cutting off drinking water from the Alouk station, which is under the Turkish occupation mercenaries, after orders from an officer, calling on international and humanitarian organizations to intervene quickly to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. The declaration of emergency came after […]

Turkish army kills and tortures two Iranian kolbers!

On April 16th, two kolbers coming from Iranian Kurdistan, West-Azerbaijan province, in the district of Van Çaldıran were tortured at the border post. Hasan Keçelanlu, one of the kolbers, lost his life, and Behnam Semedi was seriously injured. In the Beydoğan Police Station in the Çaldıran district of Van, it was claimed that the kolbers […]

Friend or Foe? Group on terror list details US military meeting

Matthew Petti and Hadeel Oueiss Cemil Bayik has a $4 million U.S. counterterrorism bounty on his head. But the Kurdish guerrilla leader says his forces have been meeting with U.S. troops — and he’s ready to make amends. Bayik is a founding member and half of the two-person committee leading the Kurdistan Workers Party, usually […]
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