PJAK should answer: Why should Iranian Kurdish girls become victims of the PKK-Turkey war?

PJAK has become a killing ground for Iranian women and girls, and does not take any responsibility for them.

This armed and militant group uses Iranian girls for war and its illegitimate, illegal and immoral purposes. While this group presents itself as a supporter of Iranian Kurdish women and girls and claims to carry out two decades of war and terror for the rights of Kurds, but its practical history shows that deceiving and killing girls in the PKK-Turkey war is its permanent policy. In fact, the beautiful expressions such as using women in the management structure are just to deceive and gain false legitimacy; but in practice, PJAK has turned into a killing ground for Iranian women and girls, and does not take any responsibility for them. PJAK and other Kurdish armed groups have tried and are trying to abuse the traditional and sometimes anti-women atmosphere in the patriarchal Kurdish society. They promise girls and women freedom and prosperity; but in practice, they become sex slaves, terrorists and simple cult members.

These armed groups take away women’s right to marry and become mothers, and at the same time, they chant the slogan of women’s freedom. Eliminating women in these groups is a practice, and so, we have seen several women self-immolation. Deformed, deceived and victimized women; they set themselves on fire for the absurd and ridiculous slogan of “Ocalan’s freedom”. Many of these self-immolations have also taken place in the mountains and the truth is not clear!  Did these women intend to escape and were executed?! Anything is possible with PKK and PJAK.

Recently, PJAK and the Euphrates news agency announced that “two members of this group were killed in the Turkish drone attack, carried out on July 28 in the Penjwen District of Sulaymaniyah Governorate.”

One of these is an Iranian girl.

Name and Surname: Hediye Gardaneh

Organization code: Shilan Zagros

Time and place of joining: 2022/ Baneh

Time and place of death: 2023/Chwarta

It should be noted that, because of the inhumane and anti-human rights policy, PJAK has not published her exact age at the time of her death in order to avoid the responsibility of using children as soldiers. It is still not clear why PJAK announced the news of the death of this Iranian member with a delay. While the PKK and PJAK and other branches of this armed group have always denied the existence of child soldiers in their structure; but strangely, publish photos of these children and are proud of “killing” them. In fact, PKK and PJAK have committed two major war crimes: Using minors and violating the Convention on the Rights of the Child – delaying the announcement of the death of these members and attempting to their forced disappearance.

The picture of this Iranian girl proves that she is under the legal age and she was definitely under 18 at the time of membership. This behavior of PJAK is an example of violation of children’s rights. This is an anti-human behavior as this group falsely claimed the rights of women and girls at the time of the death of Iranian girls in 1401. Wasn’t Ms. Gardaneh a Kurd? Why did PJAK use her against the Turkish forces? PJAK is at war with the government of Iran or Turkey? Is PJAK an extension of PKK? Indeed, why do not government institutions in Iran, Kurdish elites and journalists pay attention to these crimes and the necessity of addressing and condemning them? Don’t they know that the PJAK terrorist group has kidnapped hundreds of Iranian girls, deceived them and killed them during the PKK war with Turkey and did not even hand over their bodies to their families?

It should be noted that all of PJAK’s claims about Iranian women and girls are while marriage is prohibited in the PKK and its affiliated groups; because according to the PKK and its ideology, marriage is a limitation for women. For this reason and according to numerous and documented reports as well as the confessions of the members of this group, the rate of rape and sexual harassment in this group is high and significant.  Most of the assaults and rapes on women were also carried out by the main and high-ranking members of the PKK. Now the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch repeats its question once again: Where is the body of this Iranian girl buried? At what age did he become a member of PJAK and did he have contact with his family during his stay in the hellish headquarters of PJAK?

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