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PJAK should answer: Why should Iranian Kurdish girls become victims of the PKK-Turkey war?

PJAK has become a killing ground for Iranian women and girls, and does not take any responsibility for them. This armed and militant group uses Iranian girls for war and its illegitimate, illegal and immoral purposes. While this group presents itself as a supporter of Iranian Kurdish women and girls and claims to carry out […]

Bloody internal conflicts in PJAK; Who had Mehdi Rezaei killed?

Due to their closed structure, dictatorship and authoritarianism of leaders, terrorist groups and armed and mafia sects, such as the PKK and PJAK, have never tolerated any opposition or criticism. These bloody internal executions and repressions could involve all members of the group. In fact, in the PKK, with the exception of Ocalan and his […]

New cynical record-breaking; The PKK announces of the death of its Iranian recruits 21 months late

The PKK is a specialist at massacres. The victims by this group are mostly Kurds. Wherever the PKK has been present; in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran; the groups has harmed the Kurds who have been killed and have finally gained nothing but destruction, misery and displacement. What are the achievements of the PKK? Neither […]

PKK and Organized Elimination: The Case of Sakine Cansiz

Ethnic cleansing, physical elimination and mass killing the opposition and violent and brutal repression of critics, Ocalan-centerism, police-like approach in controlling and managing group members, severe censorship, kidnapping, marriage prohibition, recruiting women and children for military and security affairs and even as suicide-bombers, using the women and girls in affairs beyond their capabilities, drug trafficking, […]

Human rights activists protest PJAK crimes against women

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), a large group of human rights and civil society activists took part in a Twitter storm at the invitation of the IKHRW on Saturday, December 27, 2016, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. To protest against the violation of human […]

Geostratos: Seven Cases of PKK Behavior against opponents and critics

In an article, Geostratos website wrote about how the PKK deals with critics and opponents in its rank. “To better understand the situation of tolerance of criticism in the PKK, we will go directly to the documentary cases related to PKK members for clarifying the issue:  1- Faruk Bozkurt codenamed as Nasser. As a member […]

PJAK on Twitter: We had Milad Ghobadi killed, too

In a post on a Twitter account, PJAK, a branch of PKK, announced the death of Milad Ghobadi, the son of Mohammad and Sahebeh, with the code name of Mazlum Judi, and from Kamyaran. According to PJAK, this young Iranian Kurd was killed in Haftanin in the Kurdistan Region near the Turkish border. The strange […]

Terror as a Tactic: YPG’s new ​Modus Operandi ​ in North-Syria

Translated from German by IKHRW This article tries to shed light on the terroristic tactics YPG has adopted in North-Syria – after the Turkish illegitimate invasion – shown by statistics collected between july 2018 and november 2019. The YPG has changed their tactics from direct military invasion to primarily hit-and-run-style assassinations and carbombings, showing the […]