Geostratos: Seven Cases of PKK Behavior against opponents and critics

In an article, Geostratos website wrote about how the PKK deals with critics and opponents in its rank. “To better understand the situation of tolerance of criticism in the PKK, we will go directly to the documentary cases related to PKK members for clarifying the issue:

 1- Faruk Bozkurt codenamed as Nasser. As a member of the Central Committee of the PKK, he was a fighter for twenty years and then the senior commander of the PKK. He has been in the Zagros, Garzan and Amed (Diyarbakir) regions, respectively. He was arrested because he said that the system Ocalan wanted was exactly what we had been fighting for the last twenty years, and that he would not accept it and would stay in the Party to counter it. He was tortured and interrogated for a long time. Following the investigation by Ocalan into the Imrali prison, the PKK leader identified as him as a spy and sentenced to death in 2002.

۲- Rahman Sen. After announcing that staying in the PKK is meaningless, he was arrested by the leadership of the PKK. They beheaded him and threw his body into a valley.

۳- Yucel Zidan. Under the pretext that he was for the group of domestic critics in the PKK, he was arrested and executed in September 2000. His death was attributed to a clash against a rival Kurdish group.

۴- Nazimeh Adturk. The woman was arrested on the pretext of having a connection with the PKK’s internal critics. She was arrested, tortured and interrogated. She was executed in July 2000. Her death was declared a suicide.

 5. Berzan Durre. He was arrested, interrogated and executed in August 2002 on charges of having links with Party critics and deviating from the Party’s ideology. He was reported as killed while fleeing the party.

۶- Mohammad Amin Unay. He secretly fled Iran, then was arrested and interrogated by the PKK, but was executed in July 2001 for refusing to respond.

۷- Eskandar. He was a Syrian Kurd. We do not know his real name. He was the battalion commander and then the district one. Eskandar was declared as a spy and then tried. He said he was surprised by the PKK only prioritizing the Kurds in Turkey and deliberately ignores the Kurds in Syria. He was executed at the same time as Nasser. The grenade was tied to him and shattered.

According to information provided by the PKK opposition, the group’s leadership has also imprisoned dozens of member critics and opponents to its views.

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