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PKK and Organized Elimination: The Case of Sakine Cansiz

Ethnic cleansing, physical elimination and mass killing the opposition and violent and brutal repression of critics, Ocalan-centerism, police-like approach in controlling and managing group members, severe censorship, kidnapping, marriage prohibition, recruiting women and children for military and security affairs and even as suicide-bombers, using the women and girls in affairs beyond their capabilities, drug trafficking, […]

Geostratos: Seven Cases of PKK Behavior against opponents and critics

In an article, Geostratos website wrote about how the PKK deals with critics and opponents in its rank. “To better understand the situation of tolerance of criticism in the PKK, we will go directly to the documentary cases related to PKK members for clarifying the issue:  1- Faruk Bozkurt codenamed as Nasser. As a member […]