Forced disappearance of Idris Rahimzadeh by PAK

The story of Edris Rahimzadeh born in 1994, can be investigated within this framework.

According to IKHRW, from Saqqez, forced disappearance is one of the policies of armed and terrorist groups towards their members. One of the fundamental rights of individuals and humanity is immunity from any form of assault on physical and mental integrity. This right may be violated in various ways. A child is deceived, abducted, education and work in Europe and in the Kurdistan region is promised to someone, and ultimately brought out of the PAK headquarters in the mountains. During this time, he does not have the right to contact his family. The family is also confronted with the denial of the group leaders. After a few years, news of an ambiguous death and a picture of the deceased are published and that’s it. There is no news of the funeral, burial place, and exact cause of death.

The story of Edris Rahimzadeh born in 1994, can be investigated within this framework. In 2015, due to family disputes, especially with his father over not buying a car, he decides to escape from home and under the allonym Chiako, after 3 years of collaboration in PAK, escapes. After his escape, from PAK, his niece (Iman Vakili) becomes a member of the group, and Edris decides to contact the members of the group to bring Iman back. But PAK claims that by paying 200 million Tomans, they will release Iman. However, at meeting, they both received the money and arrested Edris and took him with them. Pak has consistently denies the presence of Edris, but the family discovered that Edris is still a prisoner in Pak, through the efforts of Ardalan Khosravi.

Detailed interview with Edris Rahimzadeh’s sister:

IKHRW reporter: What led your brother join the PAK? Did he have any specific political activity background? Did you have any specific disputes within the family?

Rahimzadeh: I truly do not know how my brother became acquainted with PAK. He was very young, around 21 years old, and he asked our father to buy him a car. However, since he did not have a driver’s license, our father refused. On the day after their last argument, Edris left the house, but did not return. We searched everywhere, but did not know where he had gone. Approximately 6 months later, he himself called us and stated that he had joined PAK when leaving the house. But PAK claimed there is nobody here with this identity.

IKHRW reporter: What did you do after his call?

Rahimzadeh: We went to the region almost two or three more times until we finally managed to meet Edris. He did not talk much and only greeted. I was confident that they had threatened him. After a few months, he had seen us and asked repetitive questions! He wanted to strike some letters, but he was censored and afraid that something bad would happen. No matter how much we told him to return, he remained silent. We could do nothing. We were happy he is alive.

IKHRW reporter: What is the story behind the membership of, your nephew, Iman, in PAK and what does it have to do with Edris?

Rahimzadeh: Iman, just like his uncle Edris, wanted a motorcycle from his father. But at such a young age, his father refused which led him to run away from home. As soon as Edris understood, he was shocked. He always blamed himself. After contacting PAK, they claimed that they would hand over Iman in exchange for receiving approximately 200 million Tomans in cash. We provided the money and it was agreed that Edris would go alone, but from that day there was no news of Iman or Edris. PAK took money and Edris and Iman.

IKHRW reporter: Please explain more. How did Idris fall into a trap?

Rahimzadeh: They had set a trap for Idris. They wanted to take our money and imprison Edris again. It has been almost 3 years now and we have no news of Edris, we don’t know if he is dead or alive. There is nothing we can do. We have complained everywhere we could. But Pak does not answer at all! We went to the Asayish offices in the Kurdistan region several times and complained, and distributed his photos; Ardalan Khosravi told us only through the call, “While I was a member of that group, Edris was imprisoned. We don’t know what they did to him now.”  This is the latest news we have. We have no news about Iman. We only hope they are alive so that we can see them again.

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