Siamand Moeini and the need to accept responsibility for crimes and wrongdoings of PJAK / Part 2 

As observed by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, on Monday night, November 24, 2021, Mr. Siamand Moeini, the head of the PJAK armed and militant group (a branch of the PKK terrorist group), who has been working against the Islamic Republic from the heart of Europe (Stockholm, Sweden), while himself avoiding the dangers of being in the cold mountains of Qandil, tried to justify the killing of Kurdish youth in their battle against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the provision of Iranian recruits to PKK in Turkey.

Moeini attended a virtual meeting at the clubhouse application, which was noted as a sort of ‘ press conference ‘. The meeting was attended by several journalists close to the group, and a few supporters of PJAK and other armed groups, to showcase his popularity and influence, and that of the armed group under his command.

IKHRW feels the need to rectify some of the statements Mr. Moeini uttered.

As an answer to one of the questions posed to him, Mr. Moeini stated that “extortion from kolbers is a lie” and claimed that “PJAK has not yet taken a single toman from kolbers. If our forces do so, I will take over.”

There are a few points to be made about these untrue statements:

۱٫ As an armed and terrorist group (not only from the point of view of the Islamic Republic, but also from the point of view of international law and various countries), how does PJAK finance itself? Honorable work, or through the distribution and production of drugs that some parties allege?, or through dependence on different countries or extortion? If PJAK does not extort money, where does it get the money? From the PKK? If the answer is yes, then why does a certain person claim to be independent of the PKK? If PJAK does not extort money, will it provide itself through drugs or being mercenaries of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States? All the residents of the border areas, the economic activists in the villages and… know that PJAK sends its terror teams to Iran to extort money and threatens the industrialists and the rich and extorts money and ransom.

Mr. Moeini, it is better to read the story of Hotel Sileen on the IKHRW website.

Everyone knows that part of PJAK’s financing comes from extortion from smugglers, smugglers, business owners and citizens, which PJAK brazenly calls customs and aid.


۲٫ Mr. Moeini in Europe rudely wants a document and an example of extortion.

So lets give him one.

Remember Mr. Danaei from Saqqez? He owned several agricultural machines that were burned by PJAK after he refused to give them money.



Why was Soran Akhtar Samar killed by PJAK forces? Wasn’t he a kolber too? Hasn’t Moeini seen the reflection of this PJAK crime in various media, or is he used to lying?

Did he not see the documentary “Kurdistan of Gold” and did not know that hundreds of economic activists spoke about their experiences with the extortion of PJAK? Aren’t these cases true?



۳٫ Final point; PJAK, as an armed terrorist group, certainly relies on extortion and any other illegal method of financing, and certain statements will not change the mentality of the affected people.

If Kurdistan still has a problem of development and prosperity, if capital and investors still run away from Kurdistan, if there is still no proper road and infrastructure in Kurdistan and…, one of the main reasons It is the PJAK and the extortions of this group.

With the presence of PJAK, development does not happen. The right way is not built; Rural workers in poultry farms, hotels, etc. do not have life and financial security and….

For the development of Kurdistan, PJAK  must stop using methods liking extortion and burning of properties.

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