Is Mazloum Abdi being replaced?

Sources from within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed that the Kurdistan Workers Party is working on new changes within the ranks of SDF, including the removal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Kobani, from his position, and the appointment of a new figure on his behalf.

And the “Kurdistan 24” website quoted private sources as saying that this step means “that Abdi is no longer a leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, but his duties have shifted to coordination between SDF and the international coalition forces.”

According to the sources, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) appointed Mahmoud Rash (Mahmoud Barxwedan) as the new leader of SDF, and he is one of the personalities close to the co-chair of the Kurdistan Community System “KCK” Cemil Bayek, while the Syrian Democratic Forces did not comment on the news.


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