Asatrian: Kurdology is highly politicized

In the preface of the book “The Kurds and Their Origins – The Methodology of Kurdish Studies”, Garnik Asatrian emphasizes the necessity of studying all phenomena, especially in the humanities, based on methodology, and in page 17, referring to the methodology of Kurdish Studies, adds: I find writing this preface necessary because, as you will read in the first footnote of this book, Kurdology is one of the most politicized branches of Iranology in which the role of indigenous thinkers is very significant. “

The professor of Iranian Studies at Yerevan State University of Armenia continues that writing in the field of the Kurdology has become so chaotic that it has sometimes even blocked the way to progress in this important field of Iranian Studies, while in other fields of Iranian Studies, academic research and exploration and research do not disturb each other.

The author has described the use of the title “Kurdish nation” in some unscientific and non-academic writing as one of the consequences of this chaos and believes that the “Iranian nation” is a correct title for all Iranian ethnics while we must use “Kurdish ethnic, Fars ethnic, Baluci ethnic … ” to refer them. He describes the title of “Kurdish nation” as a political title derived from politicized writings.

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