۷th anniversary of the Amuda Massacre

Today is the seventh commemoration of the Amuda Massacre committed on the 27th of june 2013, which was committed by the people’s protection Units (YPG) that belongs to the Democratic Union Party (PYD).
YPG committed a massacre against unarmed demonstrators by shooting bullets at the crowd, followed by arrests, raids on KNC buildings and the burning of their offices.
Human Rights Watch also investigated the violent incidents in Amuda committed on June 27, 2013, and concluded in an independent report that YPG forces used excessive force against anti-PYD demonstrators, shooting and killing three men. PYD security forces killed two more men that night in unclear circumstances, and a third the next day.
On the night of June 27, YPG forces arbitrarily detained around 50 members or supporters of the Yekiti Party in Amuda, and beat them at a YPG base. HRW has recommended that the YPG and local authorities should conduct a truly independent investigation into the incident and hold accountable those who arbitrarily held, beat, or used excessive force against detainees and protestors in 2014. The YPG has never responded to this matter, until today.
As the US and France push towards the reconciliation of PYD and KNC, PYD feels forced to make a diplomatical effort. For the first time in seven years, it has spoken out on the events that happened on 27 june 2013. As can be seen in Mazloum Ebdi’s tweet, a meeting has been held. In this meeting, a
committee was established to make amends to the families of the victims.
Though promises of financial compensations and support to the families have been made, YPG still hasn’t apologized for its actions, something the families have been waiting for for seven years.

Let’s look at this family member’s tweet above.

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