YPJ has kidnapped 3 children this week

Even though Human Rights watchdogs closely monitor the recruitment of minors by PKK’s Syrian wing, the YPG/YPJ, the organisation continues to recruit minors on a regular basis, despite efforts by the families to return their underaged children.
This week three different families have published their appeal on social media. This is Ronida Dari, the daughter of Dara Dari. She was kidnapped by YPJ three days ago. Ronida is ten years old, though people estimate her 13/14 years old through her mature appearance. Ronida comes from Amouda. The girl’s father has appealed to the PYD administration to return his daughter, but has received no answer. He now wants to appeal to the UN.

A week ago, another case of kidnapping occurred. This is the minor girl named Sabah Bashir Hasso. Sabah is only 16 years old. The girl was kidnapped in front of her house in Tal Rifaat in the Aleppo countryside by a patrol of the YPG. The girl’s mother begged the YPG members at different offices to return her daughter to no avail.

The third victim this week is a young teenage girl named Jihan Suleiman Sheikh Muhammad. She is 16 years old and originally from Afrin. The girl was kidnapped by the YPJ two days ago. Jiyan’s father demanded the return of his daughter, but to no avail.

The girl’s father appealed to the organizations to return his daughter.
Human Rights watchdogs must monitor these kidnappings more closely, and appeal to the international coalition that supports the YPG to take action against the deliberate recruitment of minors. The US-led international coalition closes their eyes against crimes against human rights committed by YPG/YPJ for their own military and political
gains. Action must be taken to return these children to their parents.

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