Medya Nasreddin in Qamishlo: PKK must return the abducted children

Medya Nasreddin, co-chair of the Office for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict, said the kidnapped children for the armed forces must be returned, otherwise we will set up a mechanism to prosecute the perpetrators of the abduction. The office held a press conference at the headquarters of the Social Affairs Department of the Autonomous Administration in Northern Syria. The co-chair for the Office for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict will try the perpetrators in international courts if they do not return the abducted children.

Ms. Nasreddin says she is coordinating the measures with the United Nations, which is why she has opened nine child protection offices in all areas under the Autonomous Administration’s control. She added that they have now received 16 complaints, including 4 for children, and all of them say that their children have been kidnapped by the YPG. She added an investigation has been launched.

One of the abducted children was born in 2004 was Rewan Aliko from Darbasiyah, who was abducted in 2020. Imran Aliko, Rewan’s father, says that his daughter is only 16 years old and that despite the fact that Mezlum Kobani had promised to return my daughter, he did not fulfill his promise. I am still waiting for my daughter to be returned.

A 14-year-old boy, Jamil Idris Mustafa, was abducted in the Shehba area of ​​northern Aleppo, and sources close to his family say Jamil was born in 2006 in Shia, near Afrin, on the fifth of this month near the Sheikh Maghsoud neighborhood of Aleppo when he was walking to his uncle’s house. He has been kidnapped.

UN Special Representative Virginia Gamba met with Mezlum Kobani and signed an agreement banning the arming of children and persons under 18 years of age. Accordingly, in August 2020, the Autonomous Administration opened the Office for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict.

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