Mehmet Bulovali: Every day we see escape stories of PKK members

Mehmet Bulovali, an Iraqi-Kurdish political analyst, who was born and grew up in Kirkuk, an oil-rich city regarded as Jerusalem for the Kurd, says:

“People [particularly, the Kurds] have been tired of PKK’s armed campaign. In the past, I would not hear much that people were escaping from the Qandil mountains [the mountain headquarters of the PKK leadership in northern Iraq]. But currently, every day we see escape stories of PKK members from there,”.

“This is important. It’s not a simple incident. If people escape from the PKK, they do it because of what they see in practice,” he opines.

But as PKK members abandon the terror group, Washington continues to support the YPG, the Syrian wing of the PKK, across northern Syria in the name of fighting Daesh, ignoring the warnings of the regional countries.

PKK, which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the US, the EU and NATO, has led more than three-decades-old terror campaign, costing deaths of tens of thousands of people including children and elder citizens.

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