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Setareh Zadhesh’s escape from PJAK

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, after following the fate of Setareh Zadhesh for several years, found out that she managed to escape from PJAK. Setareh Zadhesh’s escape from PJAK in an interview with IKHRW reporter and the story that lasted seven years among PJAK militias: The star told her story like this: I was almost […]

An Iranian member of PJAK terrorist group escaped its camps

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), a documentary report of the IKHRW on the burial and death of some Iranian teenagers and young people in PJAK headquarters and living caves of the group following avalanches and heavy snow led to many reactions and questions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the […]

“More PKK members escape”

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), the Turkish Interior Ministry announced that 321 PKK members have succeeded to escape the group and surrendered to the Turkish security forces in 2020. The ministry added that more and more recruits are leaving the PKK every day. The Turkish Interior Ministry believes that the reason […]

Mehmet Bulovali: Every day we see escape stories of PKK members

Mehmet Bulovali, an Iraqi-Kurdish political analyst, who was born and grew up in Kirkuk, an oil-rich city regarded as Jerusalem for the Kurd, says: “People [particularly, the Kurds] have been tired of PKK’s armed campaign. In the past, I would not hear much that people were escaping from the Qandil mountains [the mountain headquarters of […]