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Turkish border guards commits crimes against the Iranian Kolbars; Strange silence by the Iranian government

Reports indicate that an Iranian Kolbar was killed and another was injured under torture by Turkish forces. According to news sources, Turkish border guards “sexually and physically abused the two Kolbars and injured them with knives”. Turkish forces fired on Bahram Samadi and Hassan Kachalanloo. Hassan Kachalanloo was shot dead by Turkish border guards, and […]

Assassinations of tribal leaders in SDF-held part of Deir-ez Zor continues

The lack of security in Deir ez-Zor has long been a major problem in the area. The part of the region held by SDF-affiliated forces has known a multitude of assasinations of tribal leaders and religious leaders. The series of such assassinations started on July 31, 2020, when ISIS claimed responsibility for the killing of […]

The sad story of Behzad Azarish; a Kurdish Kolbar, victim to PKK and PJAK terrorists

Recently, the PKK terrorist group released the names of 5 of its dead members, as usual, a few months later. Unfortunately, one of those killed was an Iranian Kurdish citizen who fell victim to the group. Behzad Azarish with the code name Ardal Judi, according to the group’s website, was killed in Matina, Iraqi Kurdistan […]

Mehmet Bulovali: Every day we see escape stories of PKK members

Mehmet Bulovali, an Iraqi-Kurdish political analyst, who was born and grew up in Kirkuk, an oil-rich city regarded as Jerusalem for the Kurd, says: “People [particularly, the Kurds] have been tired of PKK’s armed campaign. In the past, I would not hear much that people were escaping from the Qandil mountains [the mountain headquarters of […]

Commander of PKK Special Forces killed

Anatolia News Agency reported that a senior PKK commander was killed. According to the news agency, Mazlum Demir, codenamed as Jir, the commander of the PKK special forces, who was in the red bulletin and wanted, was targeted. According to the report, Mazlum Demir was shot and killed during a joint operation between the Turkish […]

Turkey kills 3 PKK members in Sinjar

A Turkish drone on Sunday night targeted a vehicle in the Yezidi region of Sinjar, Iraqi military said in a statement. PKK has not released a statement yet. The vehicle, reportedly belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK was hit near the Sharaf al-Din shrine, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said in an official statement. According […]