The sad story of Behzad Azarish; a Kurdish Kolbar, victim to PKK and PJAK terrorists

Recently, the PKK terrorist group released the names of 5 of its dead members, as usual, a few months later. Unfortunately, one of those killed was an Iranian Kurdish citizen who fell victim to the group.

Behzad Azarish with the code name Ardal Judi, according to the group’s website, was killed in Matina, Iraqi Kurdistan on 20 August 2020. He was a Kolbar before joining the group.

But the truth is not what the PKK and PJAK media always pretend. We all know that the isolated and sectarian environment of the PKK is such that a hellish organization has been formed in the Qandil Mountains, many children and teenagers who have been deceived or abducted by the PKK/PJAK need to be saved.

If they were rescued, they would still be in danger of death. We have heard the story of Saman Daneshvar’s murder many times, but after separating from the group, he was shot dead in front of his mother and sister by the PKK/PJAK.

If the members do not manage to escape, they will be either shot or thrown from a rock to the bottom of the valley to be eaten by animals. A clear example of this was the tragic tragedy of Asrin Mohammadi, a teenage girl from Sardasht, whose destiny was followed internationally. The 13-year-old girl was killed by the group while fleeing, and the sad story of this girl hurt the public opinion, especially the Kurdish citizens.

To find out the truth about the story of Behzad Azarish, who was allegedly killed by the group, we went to his father and reviewed him on the sad fate of this Iranian Kurdish citizen.

– Would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Ali Azarish, Behzad’s father. We are originally from the village of Sheibani in Sardasht. We have been living in the city of Sardasht since the beginning of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and I have had a shop for more than 40 years.

– How many children did you have, what was their education? And what was Behzad doing before joining the group?

Behzad was my sixth and last child who went to secondary school and then left it. Before Behzad joined the group, he had been living in the village with his grandfather for a year, from where he worked as a Kolbar/porter.

-Are you familiar with the PKK/PJAK, how did Behzad get recruited by the group?

I had only heard the name of this group that has been at war with the Turkish government for years, and I do not know what this group has to do with the Iranian Kurds and why our children should be sacrificed, this is not acceptable to me.

Before joining the Iranian army as a soldier, Behzad had decided to work for a while, so he lived in the village with his grandfather and carried mules from there. Since this group is always on the way to Kolbars for extortion, Behzad had also become acquainted with this group in this way.

He had talked about extortion by PKK/PJAK many times at home, and I had warned Behzad several times saying if you paid the money, just get away from them quickly, as they might deceive you. We still do not know exactly whether Behzad was tricked or taken by force. Because we have witnessed many times in the region that they forcibly and ruthlessly separated many children and adolescents from their families and sent them to Qandil.

-Did you meet your child? What steps did you take to bring him back?

Behzad left us forever in 2014 and we never could see him. We tried very hard to bring him back, we wrote letters to the authorities, we went to Qandil with his mother 5 times, we did everything, but it didn’t work out. Lately, we have been crying and begging them to show us Behzad at least from a distance. They did not accept.

I have not seen such cruel people. To see him, I even said OK, let him stay here, just let his mother see him from distance at least once. They are very cruel, dirty people.

-Do you know how your son was killed? How did you find out?

No. We found out the news through relatives and they also found out through the internet and the social media. We really do not know how he was killed, is it true or not? He was not shown to us when he was a alive, they should deliver at least deliver his body.

We heard several times that Behzad was trying to escape and this issue had increased our concern, because we knew that if he did not succeed in escaping, he would be shot dead by any way. Now they do not give us my son’s body, why not ?! It is clear that they are afraid of something. They are afraid of the truth to be revealed.

From the day we found out he was killed, life is sad to us, my wife cries and is impatient. We expected such a day since the day Behzad was taken to the group.

-PJAK terrorist group claims to defend the rights of Kurds, what is your opinion?

Are they Kurds?! I doubt it. How is it possible, a family grows up a child with hardship, then someone will take him away from you by force and they will not even show up from distance, and then he is killed, while you do not even know where his body is. Was he really killed by Turkish planes or did they kill themselves?

This is not defending the Kurds. They themselves kill the Kurds, they oppose the Kurds. Their presence has just brought us lots of problems. In such a situation, nobody is willing to invest in Kurdish regions. Their propaganda is a big lie.

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