Bedri Firat: ”PKK is inhumane by child recruitment”

In an exclusive interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Kurkish politician of Turkey Bedri Firat examined the latest developments in Kurdish affairs and called the Turkish government an occupier who is violating the sovereighty of its neighbors with its expansionist policies. While criticizing Kurdish parties and groups and the Kurdistan Regional Government, the child recruitment by the PKK and its branches as inhumane.

  1. As you know, Mezlum Abdi himself recently confirmed that the United States wants the withdrawal of non-Syrian members of the PKK from the north of Syria. Some experts also confirm that the Syrian Kurds are divided. One faction led by Mezlum Abdi and the other faction receiving order from Qandil. Isn’t this a sign of deep differences between the Kurds?

– The fact is that in this region, namely the north and northeast of Syria, the intelligence forces of the deep Turkish government have taken root and this has been created for a long time. These forces are actively working and their goal is to divide the Kurdish forces. But we know the situation of the Kurdish forces in that area. For example, we have forces such as the Patriotic Association of the Syrian Kurds (ENKS), which from the very beginning have moved in the direction of implementing the plans of the occupying Turkish government, but today they also intend to participate in the administration of the region. Of course, they intend to destroy what exists through participation. This is also the plan of the occupying Turkey. Because they are only thinking of serving Turkey. Of course, this is a very dangerous game. Regarding the withdrawal of PKK forces I must also say that this is Turkey’s goal, and forces such as the Patriotic Association are appealing to everyone to achieve it. This is their wish, and for this purpose, they have launched various games. We know a large number of PKK members have been killed so far in northern Syria. I think it is necessary for the ruling forces in this region to respect all Kurdish forces. If that happens, no foreign force, such as Turkey, can assign tasks to the Kurds. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the Patriotic Association is on its way to Turkey along with the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani.

  1. You mentioned the Patriotic Association and the KDP, and in the beginning, the presence of the intelligence forces. On the other hand, we have witnessed the killing of senior PKK commanders in special attacks. Some accuse the Patriotic Association and the KDP of intelligence cooperation with Turkey in the Kurdistan Region and northern Syria. How do you assess this?

– In fact, the request that the United States is making today was originally proposed by the Patriotic Association and the KDP, and we know that both are cooperating seriously with the Turkish intelligence. To destroy the PKK, they do everything and have already proved that they have serious cooperation in this direction. The program is also given to them by Turkish intelligence. The goal is also to create a monopoly that Turkey wants. Let’s not forget that Turkey was not see a reliable party in the case of ISIS attack to Kurdistan Region Erbil, and if it were not for the help of Iran and the United States, Erbil would have fallen. I think Turkey is using them to pave the way for the presence of ISIS in Kurdish areas once again. Their cooperation to kill PKK commanders is also part of Turkey’s plans to implement these two forces.

  1. Within the framework of these forces, Ms. Medya Nasruddin, one of the Kurdish officials in northern Syria, recently confirmed that they have established centers to return child soldiers from the Syrian Democratic Force and this with the cooperation of the United Nations. Mezlum Abdi also confirmed there are child soldiers in the PKK. He promised to return them. We know that the children should go to school, not take up arms. Isn’t this a violation of children’s rights?

-Yes. The fact is that there are violations of children’s rights in this area. The recruitment of children in war is unacceptable. Of course, established schools also provide training and prepare children for the future in north and north eastern Syria, but this is not human. I emphasize that recruiting children on the battlefield is an inhumane act. Anyone or any organization that commits this act is inhumane. This is not acceptable.

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