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The latest victim of PJAK terrorism: A girl from Makoo city

The process of deception, abduction, execution, and killing the Iranian Kurdish youth and adolescents by PJAK and the PKK began years ago and continues. Under age Kurdish adolescents who are known to have been deceived or abducted all have a single and definite destiny: “Execution and being killed while fleeing PJAK headquarters or in Turkish […]

Bloody internal conflicts in PJAK; Who had Mehdi Rezaei killed?

Due to their closed structure, dictatorship and authoritarianism of leaders, terrorist groups and armed and mafia sects, such as the PKK and PJAK, have never tolerated any opposition or criticism. These bloody internal executions and repressions could involve all members of the group. In fact, in the PKK, with the exception of Ocalan and his […]

Exclusive; Firat News Agency explicitly and horrifically confesses on the abduction and murder of Iranian Kurdish teenagers

Since the beginning of 2020 and according to popular reports received by the reporters of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), it has been releasing documents and information containing organized actions by PJAK terrorist forces and its affiliated network on the Iranian border to deceive, abduct and transfer Iranian teenagers to PJAK/PKK camps in […]

Abduction: KRG security officials cooperate with the KDPI: IRI Foreign Ministry Must Pursue

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports by quoting local sources in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Benjamin Farajzadeh, a young Iranian Kurdish citizen deceived by PJAK and then transferred to its camps in Qandil Mountain, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, could have escaped the camps of this terrorist group. This news was announced by […]

HDP organizations lay foundation to recruit women for PKK: report

BY NUR ÖZKAN ERBAYMAR The Pro-PKK Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) organizations lay the groundwork for women to join the terrorist organization, a report said, stressing that while the PKK claims to “liberalize” women, it in fact ignores and even endangers their freedoms and security. The report titled “PKK Terror and Women,” published on International Women’s […]

Neighbouring to death: From school to the battlefield / KDPI Continues to Abduct and Deceive Kurdish Under Ages

In terms of water resources and vegetation, the border areas of Western Iran are among the richest ones of the countryThese natural landscapes have always had suitable opportunities to be taken advantage for agriculture, raising animals and related industry, while the unique beauty of this part of Iran offers opportunities to attract tourists for making […]

Another crime by PJAK; an 18-month late announcement of an Iranian underage

The PJAK terrorist group, the branch of the PKK for Iran, has always announced the death of its Iranian members late. The PKK-affiliated Firat News Agency (funded by drug trafficking and money laundering), just doing propaganda and publishing the news of PKK deaths, has reported the death of Iranian PKK members for many times, but […]

A report on the abduction of an Iranian Kurdish underage by KDPI armed men

Following the fate of Iranian children and adolescents, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has found a new case of kidnapping, deception and transfer of Iranian Kurdish children underages by Kurdish armed groups abroad. The case, whose details will soon be published by the IKHRW, includes several underage victims who have been deceived by […]

A Report on the Consequences and Threats of the PJAK Group in the Border Areas of Western Iran: How they annoy the people (Part 1)

In an interview with a reporter of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Mr. Daneshvar told us on the day when his 16-year-old son, Arash, went to play with other children in the village nearby but never came back. The tragic death of two brothers, Azad and Farhad Khosravi, and the resemblance of their […]

Iranian Kurdish families repeatedly deceived and wandered

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports confirm by quoting local sources in Kurdistan province, Iran, some extremist and separatist groups active in the border areas of Iran, using the neighboring countries as a base for their destructive activities, continue to provide their armed men by deceiving and abducting the children while these […]
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