Abduction: KRG security officials cooperate with the KDPI: IRI Foreign Ministry Must Pursue

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports by quoting local sources in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Benjamin Farajzadeh, a young Iranian Kurdish citizen deceived by PJAK and then transferred to its camps in Qandil Mountain, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, could have escaped the camps of this terrorist group. This news was announced by Benjamin’s sister in an exclusive interview interview with the IKHRW. His sister told the the IKHRW last week: “We know that Benjamin has escaped and contacted his family from the Duhok refugee camp and informed us of this news. But when we went to Parastin, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Intelligence, they unfortunately denied it and claimed that he had left there. But we are sure that Benjamin is at the camps of Parastin. Unfortunately, the KDP forces are behaving like PJAK by abusing the Iranian recruits, and those who have escaped the PKK / PJAK camps are being arrested again by new lies, then forced to serve as recruits for PAK group and Roj Peshmerga. We are worried about Benjamin’s life and we do not know what the KDP has done to Benjamin this time.”

The prediction of Benjamin’s sister was unfortunately quite correct. The IKHRW correspondent was informed late Sunday that the KRG officials, in an act contrary to ethics, consular rules and human rights, had recieved Benjamin Farajzadeh, who had sought refuge / protection in Iraqi Kurdistan had been sold to Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI). This bitter news has been published while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian consulates in the KRG and the regional media have remained silent about the case. It is not clear why the KRG, instead of handing over Benjamin Farajzadeh to the Iranian government, sold him to an armed group accused of terrorist acts. The IKHRW will follow up on this case until a final decision is reached. The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, unfortunately, had not previously conducted any serious diplomatic or consular activities regarding the Iranian child soldiers of the PJAK / PKK. Meanwhile, several Iranian Kurdish children have recently been deceived by the forces of the KDPI and taken to its camps. The IKHRW expects the government, the judiciary and the political representations of the Islamic Republic of Iran to pursue the case seriously in the KRG in order to meet the consular rights of its citizens.

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