PKK Eyes a Future in Iraqi Politics

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is making moves through its offsprings to secure a position in Iraq’s politics, especially during the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The PKK, originally established to fight for the rights of Kurds in Turkey, is now on the ground in the neighboring Syria and Kurdistan Region where it is widely unwelcome.

The party has established several affiliated organizations and armed groups, one of which is Kurdistan Society’s Freedom Movement which is now planning a role in the Iraqi politics.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Society’s Freedom Movement visited Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of al-Hikmah Movement, to discuss a range of issues, including the snap elections scheduled for 10th October this year.

According to the PKK-affiliated Roj News, the delegation, led by Co-chair Mohammed Abdullah, discussed the forthcoming elections, emphasizing that they hope the polls will be fair and transparent.

They also exchanged views on the “Turkish incursions, attacks, and interventions” in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, according to Roj News.

The report also indicated that the meetings between the Kurdistan Society’s Freedom Movement and Iraqi political parties would continue as the meeting with Hakim was the beginning of a series of other discussions in Baghdad.

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