This month in PJAK’s history

۲۴ November 2004

Urmia: A five-member team of PJAK terrorists attacked Gangchin village of Urmia province at night and attacked the house of a villager, threatening him and other residents not to cooperate with local officials.

۳ December 2004

Urmia: A four-member team of PJAK terrorists entered one of the suburbs and Kurdish neighborhoods of Urmia city and attacked the house of a resident, kidnapped him and drove him away with a Peykan car, threatening, intimidating and insulting him. They left him on the road Sero after 48 hours.

۷ December 2004

Sardasht: A number of PJAK terrorists attacked a police checkpoint in the Dasht-e-Wazneh area of ​​Sardasht city at around 1:00 PM using RPG, grenade and Kalashnikov weapons, injuring three members of the military.

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