Ocalan’s best friend: The Kurds must be suppressed only by military means

In an interview with the Yurtgazetesi newspaper, Dogu Perinçek, the leader of the Vatan Party, supported Turkish military operations against the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq and called for the repression of the Kurds. Dogu Perinçek, who is a close friend of Abdullah Ocalan and met with him in the Bekka Valley while shaking hands with the PKK guerrillas said “the success of the Turkish army is very important. The Vatan Party has always supported the repression of the Kurds. The Kurds should be repressed and the issue should be resolved only by military choice. We are always against the Kurds and the Armenians.”

He accused the Rand Corporation in the United States of plotting to incite the Kurds in Turkey, and said that the Democrat candidate in the United States, Joe Biden, was in favor of overthrowing Erdogan’s government, which aims to incite the Kurds against Turkey.

Dogu Perinçek and Yalchin Kuçuk are among the masterminds of the Ergenekon organization who are very close to Abdullah Ocalan and have visited him many times in Syria. Kuchuk has also repeatedly stated that we have succeeded in getting the Kurds on the path that Turkey wants. Many report say that Abdullah Ocalan is an agent of the Ergenekon, which was secretly created by Turkish intelligence.

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