In a video file, the PKK confesses to recruit child soldiers

The PKK and its branches, including PJAK, try to present a positive image of themselves in the social media, and for this, for example, they make videos about themselves in which one of its members introduces himself as a neutral journalist or media activist, but is practically unsuccessful.

In the video file below, PKK unilaterally and without mentioning its violence wants to present itself as a “liberating organization for the Kurds” while everyone knows that most of the victims of this group have been and are the Kurds themselves.

The narrator of the video admits in the minute 2.23 that “the presence of the PKK has caused tensions with the Kurdistan Region.” In the minute 2.58 minute, he introduces “Zerin” as a 22-year-old member and says “she was recruited 6 years ago”. If we subtract the number 6 from the number 22, the number 16 is obtained, that is, less than the number 18, which is considered as a child soldier.

Also, in the following, at 5.44, he introduces “Zilan” as a “17-year-old” member who is one of the Kurds of Iran and was recruited three years before. This means that she was 14 years old at the time of recruitment and is still under the age of 18 and is in fact a child soldier.

It should be noted that the Iranian members were in fact deceived or kidnapped by PJAK, and this shows that the PKK and PJAK are one.

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