Factchecking website: PKK headquarters are sex slave centers

In a report and quoting a number of female members of the PKK who fled the PKK, the factchecking website says “the PKK claims to be for the freedom of the women, while the women being the main victims, even within the organization itself”. The website report is based on interviews with female and former PKK members. “PKK commanders force the raped girls to keep silence by threatening and intimidating them,” it wrote.

  The report is based on the total number of statements of 571 fugitive and surrendered womenas former members of the PKK. It added that “more than 8,000 women members have been arrested so far. The PKK kidnaps teenage girls and young women, exposes them to sexual slavery after membership, and if they resist, it tortures them as Turkish spies. Girls commit suicide more rapes.”

In this report, quoting K.S. and a former female bodyguard of Murad Karayilan from 2002 to 2003 and 28 female and former members says a 17-year-old girl named Dilan had committed suicide with a grenade after being raped by Murad Karayilan.

They also confirm that a girl named Dilber was executed after being raped by Jamil Bayek. The former members say that in one case, Jamileh Qeytan, Ali Heydar Qeytan’s wife, was a senior member of the PKK became pregnant, but the eight-month-old child was aborted and thrown into a heater.

B.I. A former member says that after the head of the unit harassed me in a cave, I tried and surrendered to government forces. F.G. “I was raped for two months when I was tricked into joining,” she said. She says to have witnessed the execution of two pregnant Syrian girls at PKK headquarters. She emphasized Selma d. also committed suicide due to rape, but the PKK announced her death as targeted by the Turkish attacks.

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