Omer Kablan: US Supporting PKK means supporting terrorism

In a interview, Omar Kablan introduced the PKK while citing US State Department and Amnesty International reports, saying as US support for the PKK means supporting terrorism in Syria. “The PKK is on the US-EU terrorist list and has killed more than 40,000 people. It has been recruiting child soldiers, committed ethnic cleansing and genocide since 1984,” he said. “Other war crimes have been committed by the PKK, too. Unlike al-Qaeda, the group carries out terrorist acts through its affiliates in various areas.”

“The PKK has a history of collaborating with other terrorist groups such as the Tamil Tigers operating in Sri Lanka. Only in one case did the PKK carry out a bomb blast in Ankara, Turkey” he said, citing a Stanford report. This explosion killed 38 people and wounded more than 100. Tak (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) founded in 2004, a branch of the PKK, claimed responsibility for the group. Sahar Demir, a member of the PKK carried out this terrorist act. Reports indicate that she was trained in Syria by the YPG.”

“Abdullah Ocalan was arrested in 1999 and plunged his group into a deep crisis. The PKK renamed itself Kadak (Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress) at its 2002 congress. Abdullah Ocalan is still the leader of the PKK.” He led the PKK from the prison, and its various branches were formed: the PYD for Syria, the PCDK for Iraq, and the PJAK for Iran. “The former spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, who fled in 2017, says all these branches are one and the same as the PKK.”

“I was first invited to join Jaish-e-Thawar in Afrin. I accepted. In 2015, I was in charge of the Turkmen battalions. But the decision was made by the PKK and they said I should join the Syrian Democratic Forces,” Kablan quoted Talal Silo as saying. “My first meeting was with the PKK’s regional commander, Shahin Jilo (Mazlum Abdi).”

The political expert added: “The Democratic Syrian Force is mainly from the YPG, which is fighting ISIS with the help of US weapons. Earning money has led to the continuation of the PKK operation, according to a report by the European Police (Europol) in 2017. “The PKK is widely involved in the transit and trafficking of narcotics from Asia to Europe. It also extorts large sums of money from Kurds living in Europe, especially in Germany. Such a group is trained and armed by the United States.”

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