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PJAK’s new crime; Announcing the death of an Iranian member after 9 months

PJAK, the armed and militant group, which has been repeatedly criticized by human rights organizations for abducting and deceiving children and their disappearance, in its latest crime, has published the names of 2 of its members nine months after they were killed. Firat News Agency, the media organ of PKK/PJAK, has published the names of […]

International duty of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in the fight against terrorist groups

According to international law, the countries, as a duty, must not allow their territories to be used against the national security of neighboring countries. According to the Declaration of Principles for Friendly Relations in International Law, no country should be a host nor a refuge place for terrorist groups. The 1944 Declaration on the Eradication […]

Ukrainians held hostage by PKK militants in Iraqi Kurdistan over arms trafficking scam

Al-Monitor sheds light on how two Ukrainian men were taken hostage by a Kurdish militant group that was scammed by Ukrainian crooks in a million dollar plus arms trafficking deal. KYIV — On a recent morning in Schevchenko Park in central Kyiv, Ukraine, a tall man wearing dark sunglasses, a black crew neck jumper and […]

Iran International and BBC Persian; A network for supporters of separatist terrorists

ISIL, Komala, Mojahedin Khalq (MKO) terrorist organizations, terrorists in southeastern province of Baluchistan and Sistan in Iran, PJAK, Al-Ahwaziyah armed group, PKK all are the same. Wherever a terrorist group is active, they are supported by Persian-language satellite channels abroad. For instance, Zeinab Jalalian’s photos, armed and in PKK/PJAK uniforms have been published; but these […]

High prison sentences demanded in PKK trial in Stuttgart

The public prosecutor’s office has demanded long prison sentences for the five Kurdish defendants in the PKK trial in Stuttgart-Stammheim. Veysel S. is to remain in prison for five years and four months as an alleged leading member of the terrorist organization PKK. Almost two years after the start of the trial at the Stuttgart-Stammheim […]

Global terrorism on rise

The Institute for Economics and Peace says terrorism has killed 10 times more people worldwide in 2014 than it had in 2000. That’s the human cost. But terror also causes a downward pressure on economy. Economic growth & terrorism Terror attacks lead to both short-term as well as medium to long term effects. Tourists usually […]

PKK and Organized Elimination: The Case of Sakine Cansiz

Ethnic cleansing, physical elimination and mass killing the opposition and violent and brutal repression of critics, Ocalan-centerism, police-like approach in controlling and managing group members, severe censorship, kidnapping, marriage prohibition, recruiting women and children for military and security affairs and even as suicide-bombers, using the women and girls in affairs beyond their capabilities, drug trafficking, […]

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran Supports Terrorism

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran(KDPI), Bakhtiar Goran, reacted to the assassination of Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear scientist in Iran, on his Twitter account, expressing satisfaction with the terrorist act and calling the Iranian government as “taking a dual approach” on terrorism and “accused of killing”Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and Sadegh Sharafkandi”. […]

The need to implement laws for fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorism

Given that the Middle East is one of the main victims of terrorist groups and organizations, and the International Police and the European Police, in almost all of their reports, report that money laundering is one of the main ways of transferring money to groups such as ISIS, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram, PKK. Al-Shabab knows, etc., […]

Sean Hagan: Terrorist organizations are funded by money laundering

Given the importance of money laundering in countering the financing of terrorist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, the PKK, al-Shabab, the Taliban, etc., a senior IMF official spoke about the consequences of money laundering and ways to fight it. In an interview, “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) legal adviser and director-general, Sean Hagan, said: […]
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