PJAK’s new crime; Announcing the death of an Iranian member after 9 months

PJAK, the armed and militant group, which has been repeatedly criticized by human rights organizations for abducting and deceiving children and their disappearance, in its latest crime, has published the names of 2 of its members nine months after they were killed.

Firat News Agency, the media organ of PKK/PJAK, has published the names of 2 of its members who were killed in Sarhad region in 2022.

One of these killed (disappeared) people is from Maku, Iran.

The profile of an Iranian person is announced as follows:

Organization code: Mazloum Rozhelat

Name and Surname: Solda Derakhshani

Place and year of birth: Maku-?

Mother’s name – Father’s name: Qadrat-Ali

Date and place of killing: October 20, 2022 / Sarhad

It should be noted that PJAK, in continuation of its inhumane and anti-human rights policy, has neither published the exact date of this person’s membership in the group nor his exact age at the time of death in order to avoid the responsibility of using children as soldiers. It is still not known why PJAK announced the news of the death of this Iranian member with a delay. For years, PJAK has been refusing to announce information about those killed in the conflicts, or announcing their deaths with a delay of several years and months, and so, it has caused to suffer many families, who are unaware of the fate of their children and live in uncertainty for a long time.

These people were generally recruited into such groups as child soldiers, which is an example of an open international crime and a clear example of human rights violations itself. But the more important issue about them is that it is almost impossible for their families to get information about their condition, and even after they are killed, they refuse to provide their information to their families; In such a way that the news of their death was announced to their families a few years later. In most cases, their bodies have not been handed over to their families. This has caused many families to doubt the death of their loved ones.

Of course, PJAK does not answer why Iranian members should be killed in the PKK war with the Turkish army? In other words, what does PKK’s conflict with Turkey have to do with Iran’s Kurds? PJAK murders/kills/kidnaps/deceives young people and after 9 months, without the family’s knowledge, he confirms the news of its member’s death. Indeed, which group that claims the freedom and salvation of the “people” is so unimportant to its members? Which group that claims freedom and respect for human values and women’s rights, adopts such a policy of “enforced disappearance” of the Kurdish people? Why do dozens of active so-called human rights organizations in the Kurdish area pay attention to any kind of human rights violations by regional governments, but assassinations, kidnappings, and extortion by PKK and PJAK? Are these institutions the legal cover of PKK terrorism? Do they have a political nature and not human rights?

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