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Has Abdullah Ocalan passed away?

Kurds around the world are boiling with anger. They are planning a general uprising to demand news about the imprisoned PKK-leader (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). In over a dozen European cities, such as Stockholm, Paris, Dresden, Frankfurt, The Hague, Kurds have already taken to the streets with yellow flags showing a picture of their leader, and […]

An Iranian member of PJAK dies of COVID-19; IKHRW already predicted

Quoting local sources, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has recently reported that Haval Hamza, an Iranian member of the PJAK terrorist group, had been infected by COVID-19, but PJAK leaders prevented him from medical treatment. Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, the IKHRW had warned on the lack of hygiene in the PKK/PJAK […]

Turkey’s PKK conflict: a statistical analysis

We have analysed the loss of life of both PKK members, Turkish state security forces and civilians between june 2015 and june 2020. A great shift in dynamics can be seen in this data. Not only has the ratio of PKK-deaths and state security forces-deaths changed drastically, PKK has increased its number of Iranian militants […]