The disappearance of a young Kurdish man from Khoy

Ismail Dudkanlu Milan, son of Hussein and Kareh, has never been seen since he was abducted by PJAK gunmen in his village in the Khoy border region. After his parents found out that PJAK had abducted him, they tried to bring him back, but members of the Kandil-based group in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq denied his presence.

PJAK hypocrisy was revealed when the photo of Ismail killed, with real details and organizational name of Ardal Urmia in 2015 as a killed member of the PKK, was published on September 2 in the media affiliated with this group.

Kidnapping, extortion, and the use of child soldiers have become very common in the PKK and its affiliates, including PJAK. PJAK provides PKK with Iranian Kurdish youth as child soldiers.

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