A call for Marivan human rights activists

Human rights are neither ethnic nor tribal nor specific to a country. There have been and are cases of human rights violations in all societies. But what causes human rights violations in a society to be minimal or ideally zero is the result of the real and conscientious activity of human rights activists in that society. Marivan region is one of the target areas and victims of PJAK for recruitment, especially among children and adolescents.

Rahim Hajizadeh, the son of Farideh and Sediq, is one of the Kurdish teenagers from Marivan who was trapped by PJAK before the age of 18 and was killed to make Abdullah Ocalan happy. Abdullah Ocalan’s ideology is strengthened by the death of the Kurds. The organizational name of Halo Marivan was given to Rahim and he was killed shortly after joining in August 2015 in Kars, inside Turkey, near the Turkish-Armenian-Georgian border.

Marivani human rights activists need to take action against PJAK to prevent such cases from continuing.

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