The Kurdish girl was killed before the age of 18

Manijeh Dindar, the daughter of Fatemeh and Fahim, was born in a deprived village in Maku city, West Azerbaijan province. Her parents did not send her to school after primary school due to the traditional culture of the region and their financial problems. Manijeh, like many girls in the village, worked at home waiting for getting married one day, but as a teenager she was trapped by PJAK members in that deprived border area. She was soon deceived and found herself in the mountains of Qandil. It was late.

She was named Jinda Sakineh and after a brief training in weapons and a period of brainwashing with the ideology of Abdullah Ocalan, she was sent to death. Shortly after joining, Sakineh was killed in Hakkari on September 2, 2015, during a PKK clash with the Turkish army.

Manijeh’s membership and death were both before she was 18 years old. Recruiting people under the age of 18 for armed action is, according to international law, a war crime.

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