Jaber Ali Beyg: PKK kidnapped my grand children

A video file has been published on the Facebook accounts of Kurdish social network users, which has also attracted the attention of some media in the Kurdistan Region. In this video file, an old Kurdish Yazidi man is seen addressing public opinion while complaining of the PKK.

This old man introduces himself as Jaber Ali Beyg and mentioning the date of the day of his statements, that is, yesterday, he announces that the PKK has kidnapped the Yazidi children, including several his grandchildren, and has taken them to Qandil mountains. He says that they not know anything on the fate of these children and tried to meet with them many times, but the PKK officials are not even willing to talk on the case nor let them talk to our children on the phone.

He goes on to say that some of these children are those who were abducted by ISIS and then released, but are now being held captive by the PKK who wants to use them as child soldiers. Jaber Ali Beyg calls on the Iraqi government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the international community to help release the children from the PKK.

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